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Educational Apps for Kids: Webber Photo Artic Castle Pro App #SpeechApps

With home schooling and tele-therapy in full effect, educational apps have become a saving grace. While we've come across many amazing apps that support language development, quality articulation apps that make speech practice fun have been harder to come by. Thankfully, Webber Photo Artic Castle Pro app has designed a full line of speech sound games that engage kids and allow for high levels of repetition at the same time! I love that I can individualize sessions for each child while providing them with choices and control over how we tackle our practice. Parents love that they can download the app for at-home practice, too! Check it out below...

About the App
This app was originally developed for speech pathologists from Super Duper Publications, but we recommend it for at-home practice as well. It has 3,000 photo-words with 24 phonemes to practice articulation skills at the word, phrase, and sentence level, as well as certain phonology skills and the option to incorporate multi-syllabic words. All words phrases and sentences include audio pronunciation and you can even records players' productions for feedback purposes. There are 3 different learning activities for children to engage in, with the arcade-style and matching games being the most popular with my students.

How to Use It
Webber Photo Artic Castle Pro is totally customizable to individual students, allowing you to set specific sound goals in the initial, medial, final, and/or recurring positions of words, phrases, and/or sentences. If you'd like to play without customizing, choose the 'Quick Play' option to begin playing without entering players and goals.

Once you've set up your child's target goals, it's time to choose a game! This app offers three different learning activities:

• Photo Fun – This is a flashcard-style activity that allows you to score productions within the app.

• Arcade Game – Choose from six variations of the arcade game: Balloon Pop, Duck Derby, Fishing Rodeo, Hidden Treasure, Raceway, and Space Explorer. This point-tallying game allows kids to rack up points while practicing speech productions. Productions are scored within the app for easy data collection.

• Matching – This is by far the most chosen game with my kids. Choose from two difficulty levels. It's a fun way to find matching pairs of cards while practicing target sounds.

Ready-Made Results
One of the best features is the data collection!  As you proceed through the app, you are able to score student responses as correct, incorrect, approximate, and/or cued. It tracks it all for you and provides player results for each session. 

You can examine the results across sessions and email, print or share results with parents as well! The ready-made graphs make it easy to see student progress.

Overall, using this articulation app has increased student engagement, decreased time spent on data collection, and reduced the amount of resources I carry around for travel therapy. It's definitely been a welcome addition to my bag of tricks! 

Where to Purchase
Head over to the App Store to purchase and download the Webber Photo Artic Castle Pro App to your iOS device. Want to try it before you buy it? Download the FREE version of the app first, to trial it with your child. When you're ready to purchase the Pro version, browse the full collection of Super Duper Publications apps as well!

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