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Ditch the Soda and Try Kombucha: A Healthy Holiday Drink Alternative #holidayhosting

Guest Post By: Amy Hernandez

During the holidays everyone loves to celebrate and dig into all the yummy food on the table. But if this year you are trying to cut back on sweets and fats then the holiday season can be quite a challenge. But it shouldn't be! An easy trick to getting something sweet in your system without overdoing it with those holiday cookies is by, putting healthy sugars and supplements in your body like those found in kombucha.

Apart from cakes, sodas are one of the biggest culprits for gaining weight during the holidays. Your average 12oz soda-can may contain anywhere from 110-120 calories, and up to 160 calories if you serve the soda yourself. A good way to maintain your current diet is by opting to drink kombucha a type of fermented tea with juice that contains superfoods. You can make your own kombucha at home or conveniently buy Health-Ade Kombucha online or in your nearest grocery store.

Unlike soda Kombucha only has 40 calories per serving if it is store bought, which is way less of a sugar intake than most popular party drinks. That means you will have more energy to dance the night away at your holiday party. Although water with just a hint of lemon should be your first choice, sometimes you just can't resist wanting something with a little more flavor, so try opting for some kombucha. Not only does kombucha have a low-calorie count but it also has many other potential health benefits.

Kombucha can be a source for probiotics which provide your gut with healthy bacteria that can help with digestion, inflammation and in some cases weight loss. Many kombucha recipes including those at Health-Ade Kombucha use green tea, which help produce natural antioxidants within your liver that help combat cell damage.

Healthy acids that can fight off infection causing bacteria are also found in Kombucha. These healthy acids are formed during the fermentation process and include acetic acid, a trace chemical that can also be found in vinegar and serves the purpose of eliminating harmful bacteria and yeast.

You may be wondering, wow kombucha does sound great, but how do they make it and what does it taste like? Well, Health-Ade Kombucha is made by using one cup of sugar per gallon of a mix of black, green, aged kombucha, and a scoby. The scoby or symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast is the main ingredient which gives kombucha its tangy and fizzy flavor during fermentation.

Next comes the actual fermentation process which at Health-Ade can take up to 4 weeks, in order to form that great taste and capture all those probiotics. Health-Ade Kombucha is also the only large USDA Certified Organic kombucha manufacturer to use all glass fermented kombucha to prevent plastic and metal leaching. For this reason, they brew one case at a time in 2.5 gallon glass vessels using only the best ingredients from global and local farms to create their kombucha. With 19 different flavors to choose from, there is a Kombucha flavor for everyone to enjoy all winter long.

Where to Purchase
Head over to Health-Ade's site to order your Kombucha for the holidays and have it delivered right to your door!

Disclaimer: This guest post was written by a representative of Health-Ade Kombucha. Across the Avenue received no compensation in exchange for publication.