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Holiday Gift Guide 2019: 5 Fantastic Games for the Holidays! #CzechGamesEdition

Every year we gift new board games to our family on Christmas Eve. It creates ready-made fun and bonding time together and always brings a lot of laughs. This year, Czech Games has come up with a fantastic new selection of games that we highly recommend putting on your own gift-giving list!

Games for Two
One of our family's all-time favorite games is Codenames. We pull it out during every family get-together. Easy to learn, fun to play. Naturally, we were really excited to find that Czech Games Edition has extended their XXL editions to include a two-player variant, Codenames Duet XXL! It's a great way to spend some one-on-one time together during this busy season.

Codenames Duet XXL changes up the game play a bit from the standard game. In this box, the key card is placed between the players so each player can only see their side. Some of the Agents overlap but not all of them, and the same goes for the Spies. Cooperatively, each side gives a clue to the other to try and find ALL the Agents. It builds on existing knowledge from other Codenames variants but is easy to teach to new players, too. Games are quick (we played an average of four per hour) and teaming up is easy. Although if you're looking to play JUST with two people, this definitely the way to go!

Games for the Whole Family
Our extended family has grown quite a bit, and we needed more games with appeal to a wide variety of ages and interests. Luckily, Letter JamPictomaniaTrapwords, and That's A Question! are ready to play for this holiday season!

Letter Jam is a cooperative game for 2 to 6 players. Each round, every player has one letter that everyone else can see, but no one can see their OWN letter. Players put together the best word they can using the letters they can see and give clues to the others. The player with the best clue spells it by marking the letters with numbered tokens. Your letter’s position in the clue helps you guess what it might be. It's fun, it's clever, and it's very addicting!

Pictomania is a simultaneous drawing game where the less you draw the better off you are! Each player draws (or kind of draws) their own subject. The faster your drawing is done, the more time you have to guess what the other players have drawn. The game comes with 99 double-sided word cards in 4 difficulty levels and 42 scoring cards in 6 different colors. It's fun and easy and works great as a quick starter/ice breaker game.

Trapwords is a fast-paced party game for two teams. Each team has a clue-giver and clue guesser(s). The trick is, the opposing team also knows your secret word. It's their job to list out trapwords that you cannot use as clues, even though you do not know what those words are! It's up to you to try and give unique clues so your teammates can guess the secret word in five tries. The game works within a dungeon crawler theme, with each team moving through a series of rooms where they have to deal with curses (additional restrictions) and a boss monster at the end (with a winning condition).

That's A Question! is a game where players take turns creating unique questions. For your turn, ask your question to the group and pick one player to answer. Everyone else at the table selects what they think the person answering will choose. The others get points for guessing right, while you get points when they guess wrong. The more difficult your question is, the better off you are! The game comes with 108 answer cards and the question car is triple sided, so there is a ton of variety since you have to pick a single side to ask a question and two cards together for the answer options.

Where to Purchase?
All of these games are all available online and at many brick-and-mortar stores like Walmart and Target. For more information about all the great games available from Czech Games Edition, check them out here.

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