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2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Cubii Jr #CompactDeskElliptical #WorkoutAnytime

With our busy schedules, we are always on the lookout for time-saving ways to exercise. When we learned about the Cubii Jr., we were thrilled to find such a convenient solution and knew we had to include it in this year's Holiday Gift Guide. Whether you want to pedal throughout a long day at the office or while watching T.V., it's an easy way to burn calories, gain more energy, and track progress more consistently. The Cubii Jr. is a fantastic gift choice for novices and experts alike!

About the Cubii Jr.
The Cubii Jr. is the newest in the line of Cubii products. Totally analog, it's designed for the home enthusiast who just wants to pedal. The dial has 8 resistance settings and the LCD monitor tracks time, distance, strides, calories, and RPMs.

Why We Love It
  • Easy to assemble! From opening the box to using it only took 5 minutes. 4 screws and a screw driver are included.
  • Super quiet. The patented design allows smooth action with plenty of clearance for knees and no noise disruptions.
  • Compact design. It fits easily under a desk or just in front of the couch.
  • Portable. Built-in handle makes carrying the 25 lbs. easy!
  • Performance design. Increase the 8 levels as needed for the resistance you want for your workouts.
  • Social Responsibility. Cubii believes in promoting health, even for those who cannot afford to buy their products. They've donated over 700 models to people nominated on their website.

Where to Purchase
Head over to the Cubii online shop to browse their full selection and have your order shipped directly to your door.

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