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2019 Holiday Gift Guide: GameWright Games

The holidays are here and the family deserves some fun and flare around the game table! Gamewright has some of the best games for kids of all ages, designed by parents to meet the skills and needs of children! For ages 6 and up, Guju Guju and Rat-a-Tat Roll are new this season. For ages 8 and up, Bloom is the newest roll and write game in their lineup, and for anyone 12 or older, Hello My Name Is is a great party game!

Guju Guju is a fast-paced, visual game perfect for teaching and reinforcing hand-eye coordination. Four fruits are pictured among 120 circular cards. Each player has a hand (face down) and the game cards are face up in the center of the players. Each player states the name of the fruit they're aiming for and flips over one of their own face down cards to see if it happens to match. If is does, game on! Everyone races to cover as many of the matching game cards as possible. Once that fruit is totally covered, play moves to the next one in line and continues until someone runs out of cards. Guju guju has already won awards such as Oppenheim Portfolio Toy Award and the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval. It's fast, fun, easy to teach, and guaranteed to get laughter!

Rat-a-Tat Roll builds on the success of the classic Rat-a-Tat by incorporating dice, tokens, and a board to add even more basic strategy to the fan-favorite game! Players move around the board trying to collect low cards (cats) while avoiding high cards (rats). You choose how many dice rolls you want to keep and have the option to re-roll, provided you have a re-roll token that is. Be wary of peeks, swaps, and wild spots as you play! Lowest score wins and winner take all! Awarded the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award.

Our family loves dice games and Bloom was an instant hit! Part visual puzzle, part spatial planning challenge, this is another great roll-and-write game from some of the best in the business. Each player has a score card with six flower beds. Players roll six dice, choosing which one to keep for their own score and then passing the remaining along to the next player. There are a variety of ways to win points, being the first, second, or third to eliminate a flower by color (and shouting "Bouquet!"), or by eliminating all flowers in one of your six flower beds. Negative points are awarded if you decide to circle a flower that doesn't match the color of the die OR if you decide to take less flowers than the number shown on the die. 150 player sheets are included, and it's game box/travel case makes it easy to play anywhere. Bloom was awarded the Parents' Choice Silver Honor and is a great game for visual discrimination.

Hello My Name Is, the party game of combinations. Be the first to score by naming a famous person, real or fictional, matching all categories on the cards displayed. Each player is dealt a hand of three cards and two tokens, with the remaining cards stacked face down in the center. Each round, each player plays one card of any color in their hand. The main player then flips all the cards up, matches them by color, and has 30 seconds to decide on ONE color of cards that match a person and shout out "Hello My Name Is ______!" and win those cards. Tokens are used to eliminate cards from a color pile. First person to collect 14 cards wins! Any cards eliminated by tokens don't count and majority rule decides discrepancies. This is a quick, intuitive game that easily accommodates large groups of people.

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All Gamewright games are available from online retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Scholar's Choice, etc. as well from local retailers near you or directly from their website.

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