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Take Halloween Up a Notch with! #candynostalgia #decadebox

Halloween is coming and that means candy! We all have our favorites, but what a about those pieces from way back? The hard to find varieties? Good news! Tons of our old favorites from decades past are at! They specialize in taking you on a nostalgic trip back to childhood via a box of candy specific to the decade of your choice...just in time for Halloween! This box gets parents just as excited to come to your house this year as the little trick-or-treaters are!

About the Candy by Decade Box
We chose th80's decade box to relive our own childhoods. As soon as you open the box the party begins! We recommend getting a group together and creating a retro Halloween game out of the unveiling. Ask everyone to pick one candy and tell why it makes them smile. Was it a favorite from the ball field concession stand? Something Grandma let you have as a treat? Each candy has a story for someone! Our box definitely brought back a lot of fun memories and a lot of laughs. Even the box itself is cool.

Take a look; what do you think? Recognize anything from your own carefree years?

Enjoy the Decades!

Old Time offers prepackaged boxes in two sizes, brimming with candy assortments from your favorite decade: the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s! If you want a little taste across time, you can also get the "all decades" general assortment. Just want a full box of one particular candy? They'll make that happen! Choose from any of their 650 individual candy options, and you can order an entire box directly to your door. There's also a great option called Pack-a-Bag, where you can select specific candies to fill a bag.

Choose from:
  • Incredible candy options. You can get lost in the 650 choices.
  • Decade variety. It's a fantastic gift that spans generations.
  • Variable sizes. Perfect for whatever size the birthday party or business meeting is.
  • Holiday options. Halloween, Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentines Day, and more are ready to go.
  • Bulk discounts available on orders of 10 boxes or more.
  • Candy choice available by type or flavor (Made in USA, chewing gum, candy cigars, etc.; flavors: almond, banana, butterscotch, etc.).
  • Weekly Deals.
  • Personalized Options. Get lollipops, candy bar wrappers, and party favors personalized for your special event.
  • Lunch boxes filled with candy!

Where to Purchase:
Check out the entire Old Time catalog to stock up on Halloween candy, create a special gift, or plan an event that you want to add your own personal, memorable touch to.

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