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Family Game Night: Kozo #WinningMovesGames

The timeless Asian 3-D strategy game is here! Kozo from Winning Moves Games asks, Can you build a tower of irregular blocks without it toppling, against an opponent, with both sides making strategic moves to unbalance the whole structure... every turn? If that sounds easy, it's not! But luckily, Kozo is incredibly FUN!

The set-up is shown below. A variety of 3-D wood blocks called polycubes are available for players to choose. Pick one and place it within the 3 x 3 grid on the game board. Any white space is available, but the center red space (the "chimney") MUST remain open at all times, and from any depth.

Each block successfully placed earns the corresponding point tile. A four-piece block is worth four points, and the player tracks their score using the numbered tiles. BUT! Those tiles are worthless if the tower topples on your turn!

Oh, and one more thing: those little black pieces? One is balanced very carefully on top of a wooden piece on every player's turn. In the images below you can see a few angles of one of our games. The chimney is open the entire game and as each Polycube and Balance Cube is played it's progressively harder to score points.

What's in the Box?

  • 12 wooden Polycubes of various shapes
  • 12 wooden Scoring Tiles (one for each block type)
  • 12 wooden Balance Cubes
  • 1 wooden base (8 white squares, 1 red square)
  • Instructions

It is worth a mentioning how well the storage box fits all the pieces. At first glance the larger square pocket seems unnecessary (the one with the 4-piece polycube in the picture below). I thought so, too... until I tried to fit all the polycubes together into a perfect tower. Not so easy! That's actually a variation on one of the single player challenges listed in the instruction booklet.

To help you get started, Winning Move Games has a great instructional video available: 

Each game we played had two teams of various sizes and lasted about 15 minutes. (Depending on smack talking, some games went longer :)). The real trick isn't scoring points so much as it is keeping them. You MUST play a polycube each turn so it doesn't take too long before your skills of balance are being challenged!

Where to Purchase

Kozo is available directly from Winning Move Games here, as well as online and at brick-and-mortar stores with family strategy games.

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