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Support Your Circadian Rhythm with GE C-Sleep Smart Bulbs for the Bedroom

Those of you who follow us regularly know that with our busy lifestyle, sleep can be a struggle. Sometimes it's a little tough to get going in the morning and to wind down properly at night. It feels like our sleep cycles are out of whack: too tired to get up and too alert to go to bed. We were looking for something external that would help us get back on track and found just that with the C-Sleep Smart Bulb from GE. It works on the well-known circadian rhythm principle--timed to help you get going when you need it and come down when bedtime approaches. With three settings the bulb activates a vibrant morning light when you you awaken, then switches to an optimal soft white during the day, and eases into a warm calm light for the nighttime. As an added bonus, we also use it as a security feature when we're out of town! 

Why We Love It
The C by GE bulb is fully voice-controllable while you're inside and functions via the Google Assistant when you're not. If you already have and love the Google Dot, you're going to love this bulb as well! In fact, it's made to work with all of your Google devices. We found it incredibly easy to connect the C-Sleep right out of the box. Just download the Google Home app and follow the set-up instructions to control your bulbs from anywhere—yes, even from bed! With multiple bulbs throughout the house we can set and vary the lights to turn on and off when we're away on vacation, too, for added peace of mind. 

The same is true for Amazon Alexa. Just pair C-Sleep with C-Reach and an Amazon Alexa product, then link them to the C by GE and Alexa apps. You can set the times that you want the bulbs to change settings so that it coincides with your perfect day and night. We genuinely feel like we're getting better sleep and it's only been a week's time. 

Fast Facts
  • Supports your circadian rhythm with 3 color settings
  • Set to Calm light for evening and nighttime
  • Set to Vibrant light for morning
  • Set to Active light for daytime
  • Schedule to turn on and off automatically
  • Preset lighting scenes
  • Dim or brighten instantly
  • Group and control multiple bulbs
  • Simple set up

Technical Specs
  • Brightness: 800 lumens
  • Actual Wattage Used: 9.5 W
  • Estimated Energy Cost Per Year: $1.14 (based on 3 hours use per day at 11c per kWh)
  • Rated Life: 13.7 years (at 3 hours per day use)
  • Light Appearance: 2700K
  • Dimmable: Yes, with app
  • Bulb Type: A19
  • Base Type: Medium (E26)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Compatible With: The Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa when paired with the C-Reach Smart Bridge

Check out this easy video to learn how to set up your C-Sleep Smart Bulb:

Where to Purchase
Browse GE's entire Smart Bulb product line here for direct delivery to your door! You can also find them at your local brick and mortar stores like Lowes, Best Buy and more.

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