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2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Go Hands-Free with ZeroTie Shoes #handsfreelife

This holiday season, give a practical gift that makes life easier for kids and parents alike with ZeroTie Shoes! When we came across these hands-free shoes, we were so impressed with the design that we knew we needed to add it to this year's gift guide. They allow kids to slip on and tighten shoes in seconds, so that they're out the door and ready to go with no hassle at all. They may be just as much of a gift to parents as they are to kids!

How They Work
ZeroTie hands-free lacing technology allows you to slip on your shoes and tighten the laces without the need to bend and tie. Simply place your foot in the shoe, roll back on the heel to adjust the tightness of the lace, and you're good to go! To take your shoes off, step down on release tab on the back of the heel and slip off the shoe.

These shoes are perfect for outdoor activities, wearing to school, and general everyday play. The insoles feel well-padded for comfort and support while kids play and ZeroTie offer a nice variety of colors and styles for both genders. One of the coolest things about these shoes is that they come with an unbreakable laces lifetime guarantee! We've never found shoes with an offer like this. It's nice to see a company stand behind their product so solidly.

ZeroTie for Men and Women
While we're recommending them for kids, ZeroTie Shoes are also available for adults. In fact, they were originally founded on a simple idea - to give independence back to an aging mother. When the founder's mother was unable to bend over to tie her shoes, he went on a mission to develop a self-tying solution and ZeroTie Shoes was born! 

Check out these styles and more on the ZeroTie site.

Where to Purchase
Head over to the ZeroTie site to purchase shoes delivered right to your door. Be sure to take advantage of the 20% off offer while it lasts!

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