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2017 Holiday Gift Guide: My Baby's Heartbeat Bear Collection #expectantparents

This holiday season, give an extra special gift to the new Mom-to-Be with the My Baby's Heartbeat Bear Collection! These cuddly gifts make the perfect keepsake for expecting parents and provide an unique gift unlike any other. The kit consists of an adorable stuffed animal and a 20-second long red heart battery recorder that captures the sound of baby's heartbeat during the ultrasound. Even better, if the heartbeat has already been recorded on a phone or CD, it can be easily transferred over to the battery recorder. We love the variety of stuffed animals to choose from and selected the Heartbeat Monkey for the expecting parents in our family this Christmas. Check out more about the My Baby's Heartbeat Bear Collection below!

About the Collection

The My Baby's Heartbeat Bear was created by a registered diagnostic medical sonographer and mom of three, and there's no question she knew exactly how much parents would treasure it. She created them as a way to make the ultrasound experience just that much more special. The collection offers 16 different Heartbeat Animals to choose from and we loved them all so much that we had a hard time choosing! The top sellers in this collection are the unicorn, sloth, giraffe, elephant, tan bear, monkey, lamb and hippo, but I think the vintage penguin and owl are super cute, too!

Each 13" fleece, poly-fill animal comes with replaceable batteries. No worries when they run out because the recording remains intact after you switch them out. Once the recorder is inserted into the velcro pouch of the stuffed animal, press the heart patch to listen to the heartbeat. You can press it again to turn it off or let it run its course for 20-seconds, at which time it will turn off automatically. For a price of $34.99-$39.99, it's the perfect choice for a meaningful, unique gift to give during the holidays. We can't wait to watch our parents-to-be to open their gift this year and we're excited to know that such an important milestone will be preserved forever.

As an added gift idea, consider purchasing one for the grandparents-to-be! Extra heart recorders can also be purchased separately, so that siblings and other family members can record welcome wishes for the new baby as well. With so many ways to create a special keepsake, we wholeheartedly recommend the My Baby's Heartbeat Bear Collection. 

These stuffed animals are recommended for children ages 3 and up. As children grow, they can enjoy the sounds of their "baby" heartbeat, too!

Where to Purchase
The My Baby's Heartbeat Bear Collection can be purchased for $35 ($39.95 for the Gray Love Bear) at many 3D and 4D ultrasound studios across the country. You may also purchase it online from the My Baby's HeartBeat Bear website for delivery right to your door! Be sure to check out the wide variety of Heartbeat Buddies, accessories, ultrasound gifts and baby wear, too.

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