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2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Catch the Fox Game #GoliathGames #giftsforkids

     Looking for a fun family game to play with little ones? The Catch the Fox Game has brought lots of laughs to our family, which is why we've included it in this year's Holiday Gift Guide! Created for kids ages 4 and up, both the concept and the rules are simple to understand, making it an easy game for everyone to play together. 

     The object of the game is to save 5 chickens by filling up your chicken coop. This game can be played with up to 4 players. Right off the bat, the game starts with all players giving their best cluck. The person with the best cluck goes first. Each player will have to take a turn stuffing chickens into the greedy fox's pants. Roll the die to see how many chickens to add into the fox’s pockets, and push his head one time. When the greedy fox's pants become too full, they drop and the chickens will need to be rescued and placed in your coop. Assembly is incredibly easy and takes only a few minutes. 
 We're big fans of Goliath Games (Pop the Pig is popular in our household, too!), so we knew Catch the Fox wouldn't disappoint. In fact, this game won France's Toy of the Year award!

Catch the Fox Includes:
  • 1 Fox and his pants
  • 21 chickens 
  • 4 chicken coops
  • 1 die
  • 1 sticker sheet
Note: The chicken pieces are small, and so, not suitable for children under 4 years of age.

     This game is a great gift that brings family together for quality time. Spending time together strengthens self-esteem and contributes to success as children grow. Catch the Fox creates ready-made fun that can be played at home, at a friend's house, or even on family vacations!

Where to Purchase
Catch the Fox game can be found at your local Walmart, Target, Toys R Us or Barnes and Noble, as well as

Watch the video for game instructions!

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