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Add a Touch of Class with Personalized Stamps from Stationery Xpress

     I have always been a bit envious of people who send fancy letters and beautifully put-together packages: inked stamps, calligraphy, elegantly handwritten notes on high-end card stock, etc. When I receive gifts with those special touches, it always makes me smile. I truly appreciate the extra effort they put forth. I, myself, am not a crafty person. Fortunately, the great folks over at Stationery Xpress have made these extra touches easy for anyone to do with their Hamilton Personalized Self-Inking Address StampThis stand-alone self-inking stamper from Three Designing Women is the perfect tool to add elegance and style regardless of your crafty level.

Tissue paper made with the 'Thank You' clip!

     I absolutely love how upscale my letters and packages look with my new address stamper. What's extra cool about this stamper is that you can swap out the clips for different purposes and occasions. StationeryXpress inspired me to create this 'Thank You' stamped tissue paper to add a touch of elegance to my gift bag. It turned out wonderfully, if I do say so myself! 

Each Hamilton Stamp includes:

Our envelopes look professionally-made!

Why We Like It:
  • Simple and Elegant - This stamper is super easy to use...just place, push and remove! The stamp is 1.5 x 1.5 inches. 
  • No Mess - The stamper flips the clip upside down when not in use, keeping the ink preserved and the edges of the lettering clear!
  • Quick Assembly - It takes me about 5 seconds to switch a clip and stamp the gift (which is a life saver).
  • American-made - Love that purchasing this stamper supports local jobs and the economy via phone, live chat, or online orders.
  • High Quality - Everything at Stationery Xpress is hand-crafted for a uniquely personalized look and feel.

Where to Purchase
Head over to StationeryXpress to browse their full selection of stationary, stampers, gifts and more. Order online to have your package delivered directly to your door. Be sure to use the code theavenue10 to receive 10% off your order from now through December 31, 2017!

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