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Promote Active Play with Mukikim Construct A Truck #BrainChildAward

Trucks have always been a popular toy choice for little ones. Mukikim has taken classic toy construction vehicles up a notch with their innovative Construct A Truck set. This 2-in-1 set allows kids to explore the trucks as they are, then use the included tools to take them apart and build them again. It even incorporates friction powered movement. No batteries needed! It's no surprise that Construct A Truck was chosen as the Tilly Wig Toy Awards Brain Child award winner.

About Construct A Truck
The Construct A Truck line consists of four models: Mixer, Excavator, Crane, and Dump Truck. Each model of truck comes in two kit varieties. This particular kit includes the buildable dump truck and a custom set of tool heads, plus a variety of additional pieces to promote active play. We love that this set includes an action figure, construction area signs, construction cones and a tree. Mukikim recommends this for kids ages 5 and up.

Why We Like Them
If you're looking for a set to promote imaginative play and hand-on exploration, the Construct A Truck set is a fantastic choice. It's a fun way to strengthen motor skills, too. The truck is durable, so it's suitable for the play room or the back yard. The handle tool heads (phillips, flathead, and socket wrench) easily swap in and out of the common handle. We love finding toys that offer so many opportunities to learn and strengthen skills.

Where to Purchase
You can purchase the Construct a Truck sets directly from the Mukikim website. Be sure to make use the code avenuetoy to receive a 10% discount on ANY Mukikim item! This discount is good through August 31, 2017. Free shipping on all purchases, too.

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