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Affordable Smart Home Technology with FluxSmart Melody Light Bulb #BlueToothLightbulb #FluxMelody

With all the Smart Home technology on the market lately, we've been wanting to find ways to update our home for more efficiency and personalization, but at a reasonable cost. We definitely didn't want something overly complex to install, so we were excited to find an easy, plug-and-play speaker option to use throughout the house. The FluxSmart Melody Smart LED Light Bulb syncs to your own device via Bluetooth, allowing you to personalize lighting and stream your own music. The bulb installs easily into a standard socket, so any room in the house is fair game for a new experience of sound and lights! Bluetooth compatible and controlled via a simple app on your phone, the FluxSmart Melody is a snap to hook up and start the party!

FluxSmart Melody LED Light Bulb has every color you could want, with a range of 64,000 options! Adjust lighting for any occasion or atmosphere you want to set. The bars allow for you to create an option for any situation you want to colorize. You can even use the app to turn the light off completely!

The FluxSmart Melody Bulb also streams music directly through its speaker, using a Bluetooth connection. The speaker delivers high quality sound to fill any room you choose with rich audio. The bulb can be controlled by any Bluetooth devices you already have—smart phones, tablets, or computers—you just pick the song and let it play. One of the key features of the FluxSmart Melody LED Light Bulb is that it's completely wireless! Pick your source, such as Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, iPhone playlist, etc. and your music surrounds you.

In our opinion,one of the coolest features about this bulb is that it can change color in time to your music. Use the app to create the time settings of your choosing. Explore the Music Sync feature of FluxSmart Melody, and watch the colors dance to the music automatically.

Fast Facts
  • Easy to install
  • No tools required
  • Simple to use
  • Easy app
  • Incredibly large range of colors
  • Solid sound quality
  • Plain old fun

Steps to Quick Setup
The setup for this bulb is a snap. Check out the video below for a quick tutorial. We used it to follow along step-by-step during our own installation.

Where Can I Download The App?

Where to Purchase
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