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Get Organized in Style with bloom daily planners! #BacktoSchool #Schedules #EventPlanning

     One of the best ways to ensure a successful school year is to get organized. Staying on top of classes, coursework, and your personal life can become nothing short of crazy. Using a daily planner has always been like a lifeline to me. It keeps me organized, focused, and prepared for what's to come. Because of this, I look for a planner versatile enough to keep track of the whole month at a glance, but also one that provides room to note daily details. bloom daily planners offer all of this and more, along with super stylish designs to add a little fun to life!

This year, I chose the Black and White Striped Hard Cover Planner with gold spiral bound binding and reinforced edges. I absolutely love the chic design and can't say enough about how well thought-out the layout is inside. For starters, it offers a full calendar year view on the inside of the cover and a space to add your personal information, in case you lose the planner. (I'd panic without it!) It even has a spot for you to create your own mission statement for the year to stay motivated.

     I love that there are multiple ways to write down important events and add details about them. They've included a page to write out your weekly schedule, a section for notes, a full layout to view each month at a glance, and a separate section for daily calendar details. It's the perfect way to stay up-to-date with life. 

     If you're a list maker like me, you'll be happy to find that they also have a 'Things to Do' section. I've already made good use of this and love it. The back of the planner includes an addresses and numbers section, important yearly dates to remember and a full reference calendar for next year. One of my favorite little features is the pocket built into the calendar. It may be hard to see in the photo, but there's a small pocket on the back cover to toss in business card, bills, or any other important notes.

Fast Facts about the Planner
  • Dimensions: 6" wide (with binding) x 8.25" tall x .6" thick, 12.7 oz.
  • Calendars run from August 2017 to July 2018
  • Monthly Tabs!
  • 2 Page Monthly Spreads followed by Spacious Weekly Views
  • Horizontal Pocket on Back Inside Cover
  • Gold Reinforced Edges
  • Sturdy Metal Spiral Binding Allowing your Planner to Lay Flat on your Desk
  • 12 End of Month Reflection Questions Integrated into the Calendar
  • Inspirational Quotes and Monthly Goals/Notes List on each Monthly View
  • Shaded Weekends, Special Icons on Select Holidays
  • Supplemental Pages Including:
    • 1 - Personal Info Page with Yearly Mission Statement Prompt
    • 1 - Yearly Goal Setting Page
    • 1 - Reasons for a Party List
    • 4 - Class Scheduling Pages
    • 7 - Notes Pages
    • 4 - Things To Do Lists
    • 4 - Address Book Pages
    • 1 - 2017 in Review/2018 Planning Spread
    • 1 - Important Dates for Next Year Page 
  • 2017 & 2018 Yearly Views Printed on Front and Back Inside Covers 

Check out this video to see a short viewing of the bloom daily planners features:

Where to Purchase
Head over to blooms daily planners to check out their wide variety of designer planners and other accessories. Find your perfect match and order online to have it delivered to your door!

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