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Promote Strong Study Habits with Ready-Made Index Card Packs #debradaledesigns #indexcards #studyhabits

Part of starting the school year off right means building solid study habits from day one. The key ingredient to learning is practice, and one of the best methods we've found is to use index cards. Whether you're using them to create a storyboard, as flashcard facts, or for note-taking strategies, index cards are the backbone of solid studying. We were so excited to find that Debra Dale Designs had created ready-made index card and ring packs to make organization and study prep much easier!

These 3 x 5 Index Card Sets contain pre-hole punched index cards and metal rings, making it as easy as possible to set you up for successful study sessions. The packs come in a variety of colors, which is helpful for organization. Cards can be either lined or blank, depending on your needs.

This 300 Pack comes with three colors, each 100 cards in one color, plus six metal rings.

We love finding ways to save time prepping, so the bulk of our time can be placed where it matters...studying! The metal rings help to alleviate the cumbersomeness that comes with using many index cards at once and it's an easy way to find them when you need them. We like to hang each ring set on the thumbtacks of our corkboard for easy storage and access later.

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