EGWs6uuBZ3pp-zGuVVdmeLgkJG4 Across the Avenue: Celebrate Back-to-School Book Traditions with National Geographic! #kidsbooks #teachergifts

Celebrate Back-to-School Book Traditions with National Geographic! #kidsbooks #teachergifts

We can't believe that the new school year is almost here already! Summer always seems to fly by, but we love to keep Back-to-School time positive and fun with book-giving traditions. It's such a simple tradition, but we find that treating the first day of school as a celebration sets kids on the right track for another year of learning and improving literacy skills. It's a great time to get creative and find books that really suit your children's personalities. 

Some of our favorite book collections have come from National Geographic Kids. They have a nice variety of educationally-focused books that are written and illustrated in such a way that they appeal to a wide range of kids. They're also made really well, so they've held up for us for a very long time. (The Angry Birds collection is still a big hit.)

This Year's Pick
We knew that one of the little guys in our family would be absolutely thrilled to receive the National Geographic Kids collection of animal joke books. They make for a funny way to bond with friends and they are books he voluntarily picks up to read on his own. (Fair warning, we've reserved the Just Joking Gross book as a 'Home Only' book. Many of the jokes in this one may not be appreciated by your child's teachers. We find them hilarious at home though.)

Here are three books we've chosen:
  • Just Joking Cats - tons of purr-fectly hilarious jokes and silly cat photos that friends and family can laugh over together. They introduce ten of the 'funniest famous felines' in this book, too.
  • Just Joking LOL! - a smorgasbord of funny jokes and pictures that really did make us laugh out loud; great fun to read together
  • Just Joking Gross - hundreds of disgustingly hilarious jokes and sickeningly silly photos that tell about animals, inventions and places that will likely have your child doubled over in laughter
I think these particular books have been just as much fun for the adults to read with the kids because it's made for really funny bonding moments. It certainly puts everyone in a good mood. We can see these being fantastic go-to books in the morning. Read a few pages during breakfast or before heading out the door to create a positive vibe for the day.

Back-to-School Teacher Gifts
As you're gathering your classroom supplies this year, consider picking up a book or two for your child's classroom library. Your teacher will appreciate it so much and it's a nice way for your child to feel a bit of pride that they contributed to the library.

Click here to explore everything National Geographic Kids has to offer.

Disclaimer: The books in this post were provided by National Geographic Books. As always, our posts are our own, honest opinions.