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Father's Day Guide: Dollar Shave Club Subscription #razors #giftsforhim

This Father's Day, give a gift that keeps on giving with a subscription to Dollar Shave Club. Razors have gotten really expensive and they certainly aren't fun to buy. Dollar Shave Club is an affordable way to refill the essentials each month by shipping them directly to Dad's doorstep. (Mom may appreciate it as well, if she typically shops for them.)

How Dollar Shave Club Works:
Step 1: Choose your blade.
    • The Humble Twin (2 blades--$1.00 a month + $2.00 shipping)
    • The 4X (4 blades--$6.00 a month)
    • The Executive (6 blades--$9.00 per month)
Step 2: Add on any one-time extras to your first box. 
Step 3: Enter the shipping and payment information.

Currently, Dollar Shave Club is running a special promotional offer of just $1 for the first month of service to try it out. That includes a weighty handle, 4 cartridges and free shipping. After that, you pay the regular rate each month. It's that simple! You can manage the account to ship every other month, suspend  a few months, or cancel the subscription completely after your initial order. Just log into your account and change the settings to meet your needs. You can also change plans at any time. When you do, you'll receive a new razor handle for free.

 Note: You must cancel your subscription or it will automatically continue the service.

The First Box
Dollar Shave Club allowed us to try the Executive subscription for free, so that we could share our experience with our readers. Our first box included the six-blade razor and six cartridges. Subsequent boxes will include only the razor blade cartridges. Sometimes they throw in a sample here and there as well!

Add-on Extras
Dollar Shave Club also has loads of shaving products to accompany the razor. Check out some of the options below. Then, head over to the site to add them to the monthly box. The site itself is definitely targeted toward men and you may get a kick out of the marketing. If you prefer, you can also send Dad a gift card, so that he can choose his only razor and add-on goodies himself.

  • Mandatory Prep-Scrub - Prepares hair and skin for a closer shave; Exfoliates dead skin cells for closer blade access; Helps release and prevent ingrown hairs; Helps improve skin feel and complexion; Unique blend of natural multi-textured exfoliants
  • Vital Pre-Shave Oil - Prepares hair and skin for a smoother shave; Assists in tug-free effortless shaving; Reduces nicks and razor burn; Moisturizes skin with natural oils; Leaves skin soft and healthy looking
  • Pillowy Shave Lather - Rich, extra thick formula for ultimate comfort; 4-oil blend helps deliver a protected glide; Sulfate-free to help preserve skin moisture; Gentle peppermint tingle cools & soothes; Best with our 4X Razor & a shave brush if you’ve got one
  • Easy Shave Butter - Helps soften hair for maximum glide; Formulated with gentle ingredients; Helps prevent ingrown hairs; Fights razor bumps; Paraben and Sulfate Free; Tested on interns, not animals
  • Magnanimous Post-Shave Cream - Rich, lasting hydration; Fast-absorbing, non-greasy; Helps soothe tender skin; Replenishes moisture after shaving; Subtle, herbal fragrance
  • Disappearing Post-Shave Dew - Moisturizes and helps relieve post shave irritation; Absorbs instantly with no residue; Calming, gentle relief for tender skin; Hypoallergenic and non-irritating; Subtle, herbal fragrance
  • Repair Serum - Specially designed for irritation‑prone skin; Light, non‑greasy application; Moisturizing barrier helps prevent razor bumps; Antioxidants help protect skin from toxins; Clinically proven to diminish redness and inflammation

Sulfate-Free Shower Wanderer Collection
  • Awakening Body Cleanser with Mint and Cedarwood - Cleans without stripping skin; Lathers up and rinses clean; Vitamin-rich, naturally-derived hydrating extracts; No sulfates, parabens, or synthetic dyes
  • Hydrating Face Cleanser - Gently yet thoroughly purifies skin of impurities; Leaves skin feeling refreshed, never dry or tight; Sulfate-free, coconut-derived cleansers preserve facial skin’s natural moisture; Antioxidant and vitamin-rich formula help promote a healthy complexion; No sulfates, parabens, or synthetic dyes
  • Hydrating Hair and Scalp Shampoo - Cleans hair without stripping moisture; Hydrates hair & scalp for a healthier look; Chamomile delivers lightweight moisture; Refreshing cool Mint tingle
  • Hydrating Hair and Scalp Conditioner - Lightweight moisture to help soften hair; Helps promote a healthy scalp; Refreshing cool Mint tingle; No sulfates, parabens, or synthetic dyes

Big Cloud Skincare

  • Good Shake Hand Cream - fast absorbing and hydrating with a powder dry finish
  • Daily Face Moisturizer with SPF 25- SPF 25 moisturizer for everyday use; Good for all skin types; Won’t clog pores; Crisp, watery fig scent; No synthetic dyes or parabens
  • Sky Master Lip Balm with SPF 15 - Water resistant SPF 15 sun defense; Helps relieve chapped or cracked lips; Goes on clear for shine-free moisture; Tasty Mint Leaf flavor provides cooling tingle; No synthetic dyes or parabens
  • Wind Master Mint Leaf Lip Balm - Helps relieve chapped or cracked lips; Goes on clear for shine-free moisture; Cooling tingle soothes dry lips; Tasty Mint Leaf flavor; No synthetic dyes or parabens

Earn Credit!
Sign up someone you know and earn $5 in Dollar Shave Club credit. If you sign up a few people you’ll score a few months worth of FREE razors! 

Disclaimer: The products in the post were provided by Dollar Shave Club. As always, our posts are our own, honest opinions.