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5 Reasons You Need Yoga in Your Life #yogamat #KESSInHouse #stressreliever

Yoga has become increasingly popular over the years, and for good reason. It's been toted as a an excellent way to relieve stress, balance metabolism, and improve cardio, circulatory and muscular health, among other things. Many health organizations have backed this up with ample research. I once heard someone say that yoga can create strength, awareness and harmony with your mind and body. It may sounds a little hippy-dippy, but I think this is pretty accurate when done regularly. 

As someone who suffers from anxiety and isn't comfortable taking pills, I can tell you, it's made a world of difference for me. Though I didn't set out to reap additional benefits, yoga surely provides them. Below we'll discuss a few of the benefits of yoga and provide information about yoga equipment for beginners. We've also include a recommendation of one of our favorite yoga mats from KESS InHouse, which they have generously provided for this post. We recommend checking out their full line of yoga accessories as well.

5 Benefits of Yoga
  1. Major Stress-Reliever: It seems like this is the number one most talked about benefit when it comes to yoga. Research shows that it can reduce stress levels and lower blood pressure. I've found it to be a great help to keep anxiety in check.
  2. Ease Pain-Relief: Around the the time our 30th birthdays arrived, my husband and I started noticing aches and pains arriving as well. Back pain was a big one. According to Harvard Medical School study, yoga can help to reduce chronic pain. 
  3. Improve Sleep: Because of it's calming benefits, yoga has been shown to help those with insomnia to find a better path to sleep. My mind seems to run forever when I try to sleep, leading to hours of sleepless frustration. Exercise definitely helps with this.
  4. Positive State-of-Mind: Many people who practice yoga report a rise in positivity and happier moods in general. This isn't really a surprise, since exercise has long been known for mood elevation.
  5. Sharpens Memory: Did you know that exercise is a great way to improve your memory? Yoga can help boost brain function, including memory, and improve reaction time.

Getting Started: Yoga Equipment for Beginners
Yet another wonderful thing about yoga, you need very little to get started! The two essentials are clothing and a yoga mat.

  • Clothing: It's important to dress in comfortable clothing that is breathable and a bit form fitting. A form fitting top is especially important due to the common yoga poses you'll engage in. With loose fitting tops, you'll end up holding them, tucking them, and otherwise become frustrated with them, taking away from the calming effects of yoga! I prefer tighter pants so that the legs don't bunch up.
  • Yoga Mat: The yoga mat is important for traction and comfort while you move through your poses. Yoga mats run the gamut in terms of price and quality. I totally understand purchasing a cheaper one as a beginner, to see if yoga is right for you. However, I will caution you in going too cheap. Personally, I've found that there really is a difference in comfort and quality. See our recommendation below...

We love yoga in the park!

Akwaflorell Fly Away Sadness Yoga Mat
If you're looking for a premium yoga mat, one of our favorites is the KESS InHouse Akwaflorell Fly Away Sadness Yoga Mat. We absolutely love the colorful design and the 72 x 24" size makes it great for taller bodies such as myself! This mat is made of a durable, 1/4" thick, textured non-slip backing foam and offers suitable cushioning to stretch and pose throughout your routine. It is lightweight and comes with a carrying bag, alleviating the bulkiness that sometimes comes with transporting your yoga mat. To clean it, simply wipe it down with a mild soap.

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Browse the KESS InHouse yoga collection here to find the right equipment for you.

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Disclaimer: The yoga mat in this post was provided by KESS InHouse. As always, our posts are our own, honest opinions.