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Family-Oriented Fun for Easter with the Wobbly Worm Game #Family #games #giftsforkids

Easter is approaching soon and many parents will be looking for alternative gifts to the traditional candy-filled baskets. We love to find family-oriented, interactive gifts for the kids during the holiday season and this year we've chosen the Wobbly Worm Game by Spin Master. Our family first played this game at a family picnic and we had such a blast with it, along with a lot of laughs. In fact, I think some of the adults may have enjoyed it even more than the kids! The goal is to "Hoop the Loopy Worm", tossing all three of your hoops over the worm's head before your opponent.

About the Wobbly Worm Game
This game is adorable. The story that accompanies the game is as follows: a tasty red apple fell off the tree and rolled around and around on the ground. Out popped a worm and now he's all wobbly! 

The Wobbly Worm Game is for 2-3 players ages 3+ and requires 2 C batteries (not included). The base of the worm is shaped like an apple slice, which allows it to rock and wobble every which way. The optional worm body segments allow the game to be made shorter or taller, so that it grows with your child! Adding segments increases motion and height, making it a great way for kids to practice motor skills and coordination. Not only does the difficulty level change based on the height of the worm, the hoops are three different sizes as well. There's something about the simplicity of this game that makes it fun for the whole family. 

How to Play
Each player begins with three same-colored hoops. Everyone places their hand on top of the Wobbly Worm's head and takes one big step back (feel free to change the amount of steps to suit your preference). We tell the kids that their feet are glued in that spot for the game and there's no moving them until we finish. Hit the start button and watch the worm wriggle while you take turns tossing your hoops. We play with the rule that the person with the most hoops on the worm in the end wins. It's a great gift to bring the family together and a great game to pull out at parties as well!

Ready to purchase the Wobbly Worm Game? Order it online here or look for it at Target, Toys R Us, and other retailers near you.

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