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Waterpik® Chrome PowerSpray+™ Dual Shower Head #homemakeover #homeupgrades

This month we are focusing on easy ways to update our home. Our bathrooms had been looking pretty tired, but we found that simply upgrading the shower head makes a big difference. It's an affordable start to modernizing the room. Forget bringing in a handyman because this is about as easy as any DIY project can get.

We chose the Waterpik® Chrome PowerSpray+ Dual Shower Head for it's sleek design and multi-spray versatility. It provides six handheld spray and one rainfall spray setting. The 2-way diverter of this Waterpik® model allows you to switch easily between the handheld and the fixed mount shower head. Both heads feature a variety of spray settings that allow the water force to be adjusted. It's like a spa experience for your home! 

Waterpik® Chrome PowerSpray+ Dual Shower Head fits any standard shower and it's a breeze to install. As advertised, it only took minutes to replace our old single shower head with this new one. We're really happy to find that the water pressure is just as strong as it was with our old one and even more so when it is on the Powerspray setting.

Waterpik® Chrome PowerSpray+ Dual Shower Head Features
  • Installs in Minutes: easily installs on any standard shower, no pipe tape needed
  • Anti-Clog Nozzles: dislodge mineral deposits by simply rubbing nozzles
  • OptiFLOW Technology: improves water force up to 30% by more efficiently channeling water.
  • Hand Shower with 5-Foot Hose: convenient for bathing children and pets; makes cleaning the shower easy, too!
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

6 + 1 Spray Settings
  • Drenching RainFall
  • Full Body
  • Full Body + PowerSpray™
  • Full Body + Massage
  • PowerSpray™
  • Pulsating Massage
  • Water Saving Trickle

This is one of the easiest, most affordable DIY upgrades we've done in our home this season and we've already received compliments on how modern and beautiful our bathroom looks. Our guests love it!

Where to Buy
You can find the Waterpik® Chrome PowerSpray+ Dual Shower Head at your local Bed, Bath and Beyond. In addition to this, a variety of other Waterpik® PowerSpray+™ Dual Shower Head models are available at Home Depot, Target and Walmart. 

Of course, you can also order directly from Water Pik to have it delivered right to your door!

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