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Mother's Day Guide: Baking Just Got Sweeter with this Stainless Steel Pastry Bag #reusable

If your mom enjoys baking and cake decorating as much as ours, you'll want to check out the Kuhn Rikon Stainless Pastry Bag. It's a modern upgrade to the traditional plastic pastry bag, affordable and environmentally-friendly. I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally punctured a plastic bag from squeezing to hard while decorating. I'm excited to have found a better solution, so that Mom can create gorgeous decorations with less mess. I also love the large assortment of tips that the Kuhn Rikon Stainless Pastry Bag set offers. It contains nine quick-change tips in all, which allows for a variety of different designs. The side of the tube has a window, which includes marked increments to show the frosting level inside. The handle pushes the frosting out of the tube as you decorate your cookies and cakes to help you create your designs.

Nine Included Tips:
  • #1 Round
  • #4 Leaf
  • #5 Star
  • #6 Basketweave
  • Filler
  • Large #1 Round
  • Large #5 Star
  • Large #8 Rosette

Here's a great video to demonstrate a variety of techniques you can achieve with the star and round tips. It's great for learning the basics:

Kuhn Rikon offers a wide selection of kitchen goods from cookware to cutlery. They even have ready-made gift sets for quick and easy shopping that can be delivered to your door. It's a great time saver for anyone with a busy schedule. Check out their full product line here.

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