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Protect Your Home Against Power Surges #Belkin #surgeprotection #forthehome

Since building our new home, we've learned an awful lot about home maintenance and protection that we never knew about before. One very important topic that we discussed with our builder is power surge protection. In our area, lightning-induced surges are more common than I'd like. Added to that are surges from downed power lines, sudden changes in electricity from commercial factories, or even the on/off cycle of home appliances. I didn't realize many surges are minor and don't show up for quite some time, but still shorten the life of electronics. Without the right protection, the damage done to home appliances can be very costly.

There are three different tiers of protection when it comes to power surges. Today, we're going to focus on tier three specifically, the Belkin Surge Plus protector. This is the type of surge protector you typically find your computer, television, and small appliances plugged into. Tier three protectors are often seen in strip form, but these days, there are other options. 

The Belkin Surge Plus is more of a surge station, with a USB wall mount and cradle to rest your tablet, phone or media player, rather than placing it on the floor. The back of the device has a central plug that inserts into any AC outlet. The front of the Surge Plus offers two USB quick-charging ports and three grounded outlets below them. I love the versatility of this piece and that it doesn't take up a lot of space. There's even an indicator light to show that your device is being protected. It's a great way to extend the life of your electronics.

Belkin Surge Plus Features
  • 540 Joules
  • 12W/2.4 AMP for faster charging
  • 3 Grounded Outlets
  • 2 universal USB ports
  • Surge protection indicator
  • Mounts directly to the wall
  • Defends against electrical spikes
  • Protect lamps, laptops and small appliances
  • Charge tablets, smartphones and media players
This surge protector comes with a Connected Equipment Warranty, which means Belkin will repair or replace electronic equipment damaged by an electrical surge or lightning strike while properly connected to the charger, up to $25,000.

We find the size of this surge protector quite convenient and we're happy with the the multi-device options. Check out the full line of Belkin surge protectors here to protect your home.

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