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Guilt-free Eating with Primal Kitchen #dairyfree #glutenfree #soyfree #organic #cagefree

Our schedules have gotten a lot busier in the last few months, which means we're in need of more grab-n-go snacks to keep us energized until we can sit down for a meal. Primal Kitchen provides some incredibly flavorful bars that are packed with nutrients to satisfy hunger. The bars come in four varieties: Coconut Cashew, Dark Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Hazelnut and Macadamia Sea Salt. They are made with grass-fed collagen, low sugar and are an excellent source of fiber and protein. Three of the varieties are also non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free and soy and canola-free! 

Guilt-Free Cooking with Primal Kitchen!

The slight nutty taste paired perfectly with our spinach salad.
Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing put it over the top! 

Primal Kitchen also offers natural products for meal preparation. Check out a few of the products we recently tried below.

Primal Kitchen Extra Virgin Avocado Oil 
Made from 100% avocado oil from California premium avocados, this oil undergoes minimal processing which keeps its rich avocado flavor. You can literally see this superfood’s nutrients reflected in its emerald green color! 
  • Creamy and Rich with a Naturally Buttery, Slightly Nutty Taste 
  • Suitable for Medium Heat Cooking 
  • Freshly Picked and First Pressed 
  • Cold Pressed 
  • Non-GMO Project Verified 
  • Kosher 

This ranch dressing is nothing short of delicious. We started using it on our salad, and were a step away from drinking it--it's that good. We use it in our wraps, as a veggie dip, and even as a cooking ingredient for chicken dishes. I would never pick up a typical ranch dressing at the grocery store because of the fat and unhealthy ingredients, so we are beyond happy to have found this healthier version of ranch dressing. We totally get why it has been deemed the "holy grail of dressings". 

  • Dairy Free, Gluten, Grain and Soy Free 
  • Made with 100% Pure Avocado Oil 
  • B12 Rich Nutritional Yeast
  • Organic Cage-Free Eggs
  • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 

Includes health-enhancing, nutritional ingredients, such as organic garlic, onion, dill, cage-free organic eggs, nutritional yeast, black pepper and chives. And that means no dairy, no buttermilk, gluten, soy, canola or sugar in sight. 

This is the first ever avocado oil-based mayo, made with cage-free organic eggs and vinegar from non-GMO beets. Primal Kitchen Mayo actually helps you increase your body’s absorption of antioxidants. Finally, Mayo gets a good wrap!

  • Made with Avocado Oil 
  • Organic Cage-Free Eggs 
  • Primal Approved & Certified Paleo 
  • Free of Dairy, Soy, Sugar, Grains 
  • Certified Gluten Free 
  • Kosher 
  • No Canola, Soybean or Industrialized Seed Oils

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