EGWs6uuBZ3pp-zGuVVdmeLgkJG4 Across the Avenue: Super Bowl: Picard's Crispy Potato Chip Covered Peanuts #football #partyplanning #SteelerNation

Super Bowl: Picard's Crispy Potato Chip Covered Peanuts #football #partyplanning #SteelerNation

The Super Bowl is almost here and it's time to load up on party snacks. We're stocked with Picard's Potato Chip Peanuts for our guests and we expect them to go pretty quickly, so back-up bags are necessary! Be prepared, it's hard to stop eating them. The crispy potato chip-covered peanuts are tossed in super flavorful seasonings that go perfectly with soda and ice-cold beer. My favorite is the dill pickle flavor, but my husband made quick work of the jalapeño cheddar flavor. (He made it clear we'll be needing extra bags of those.) I love finding snacks to serve our guests that are out of the ordinary. These will definitely stand out!

Here are the six varieties that will be on our food table this year, but check out their online store, because there are many more flavors to choose from:
  • Garlic and Onion
  • Dill Pickle - My Favorite!!
  • Jalepeno & Cheddar
  • Cool Ranch
  • Salt and Vinegar
  • Bacon Cheddar

Ready to stock up for your own party? Order them directly to your doorstep here

What snacks will be on your Super Bowl table this year?

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