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Send the Perfect Card with! #personalizedcards

I don't know about you, but when I need to get a greeting card for someone, I might as well bring a tent and camp out. It takes me FOREVER to find one that I think is suitable and I can't be alone here. Mass cards made to appeal to the general public make it hard to come across the perfect one, and most often I don't. It was ironic timing when I was asked to give Greeting Card Universe because I had just gotten home from a defeating birthday card hunt earlier in the day.

The Low Down on Greeting Card Universe
Greeting Card Universe was created with the idea that not only can you find unique cards to give you inspiration, you can also PERSONALIZE them to fit exactly what you need it to say and look like. You can customize greeting cards, invitations, announcements and photo cards to make them your own. I love this personalized wedding thank you card below and wish we had thought of it for our wedding. (Order in volume and the price goes way down!)

They work with artists around the world who help to create some pretty amazing, heartfelt, inspiring, funny and/or serious occasion greeting cards. You've gotta check out the 'uncommon' card assortment. 

I was surprised to find that the cards weren't any more expensive (and sometimes cheaper) than going to the store. It cuts out a lot of time staring at a shelf of hollow and insincere cards that don't really say exactly what I'm going for. The ability to personalize the inside makes all the difference. Some of the cards even allow for customization on the front cover.

How Greeting Card Universe Works
Creating an account will allow you to search for the perfect card, personalize it and conveniently mail it either to yourself so you can personally deliver it or directly to the person it's intended for. I'm not gonna lie, I got so caught up in looking through their selection, that I spent a substantial amount of time choosing and personalizing the inside of the cards. The difference being that I ended up ordering around 30 cards at once, received a volume discount and actually LOVED every card I ordered. These are just a handful of the holiday cards I chose:

Pricing and Delivery
Since Greeting Card Universe offers volume discounts, the more cards you buy at once the better pricing you get, from $3.50 each down to $1.39 per card. I ended up ordering cards for occasions throughout the whole year. Now I'm stocked up and prepared, which saves a lot of time. 

The cards are also available for pick up within an hour at most Target or Bartell Drugs stores. I was surprised to see this as an option, and find it incredibly convenient. I chose to have my order delivered to my home, which arrived in just a couple of days, but you can also send each card directly to the recipient if you'd like.

I love the ability to shop from home and appreciate that this site offers such an easy way to find and create the right greeting cards. The fact that they are no more expensive than cards in the store, even with the option to personalize, is phenomenal. It's definitely worth browsing their selection and a great time to get your holiday cards ordered and taken care of before the mad shopping rush!

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