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Review: AutoRight SteamMachine...Giveaway! #carcleaning #HomeRight

After our recent sixteen hour drive down the east coast, you can imagine what our car looked like inside. It was surreptitious timing that we were asked to review the AutoRight SteamMachine because we were just debating whether we wanted to shell out the high price of getting our car detailed or not. Having the proper tools included in this portable steamer, we were definitely up for doing it ourselves and saving a small bundle in the process. (It retails for $129.99-clearly a better financial investment in the long run.)

We started by tackling the dashboard and any plastic surfaces on the console and doors. We were legitimately shocked that the steam cut through some of the dirt and grime that I was sure would require a strong scrubbing on the buttons, locks and in the cup holders. To know that the surfaces have been sanitized in the process gives this germaphobe extra piece of mind! Our family likes to be as chemical-free as possible, so the fact that it's simply steam that leaves no chemical residue behind makes us extra happy.

Our upholstery was a mess of crumbs, muddy shoes and sticky spots from sticky fingers. After an initial vacuuming, we went to town with the steamer and with the exception of one old stain that we've deemed hopeless, our seats and mats look amazing! I think what I'm most impressed with though has to be our hub caps. I don't think I fully realized how embarrassed I should have been, but the before and after makes it pretty clear. 



With so many attachments, they've thought of the right cleaning device for every part of the vehicle. Check out what this portable cleaner can do:
  • cleans leather, fabrics and carpets
  • portable and includes many attachments for various areas of the vehicle 
  • leaves no chemical residue and disinfects 99% of germs and bacteria
  • pressurized, high temperature steam to loosen and dissolve dirt, cut grease and sanitize surfaces 
  • compact size with storage compartment that fits accessories

We thought this excerpt from the Home Right would be helpful for those of you that are considering the AutoRight SteamMachine for yourselves:
'Clean you vehicle's upholstery, leather seats, carpets and floor mats, wheels, windows and dashboards. The quick change accessories include; crevice tool, jet nozzle, large and small nylon brushes (black bristles), large and small soft nylon brushes (grey bristles), large and small brass brushes, squeegee with base and a poly/cotton bonnet.'

Included in Box: 
  • Steam canister with an 8-foot hose
  • crevice tool
  • Accessory adaptor (1)
  • Funnel and measuring cup (1)
  • Jet nozzle (1)
  • Squeegee with base (1)
  • Poly/cotton bonnet for squeegee (1)
  • Large brass brush
  • Small brass brush
  • Large nylon brush (hard black bristles)
  • Small nylon brush (hard black bristles)
  • Large nylon brush (soft grey bristles)
  • Small nylon brush (soft grey bristles)
  • Maximum temperature 290 degrees F
  • Continuous steam run time 35-40 minutes
  • Reservoir size 40 ounces
  • AMPS 11.87
  • Power rating 1500 Watts
  • Steam hose length 8 feet
  • Cord length 8 feet
  • 120 Volts
  • Number of attachments 14
  • Power indicator light indicates when unit is cycling
  • Continuous steam lock can lock steam in place or prevent steam from coming out of the gun
  • Maximum pressure 55 PSI
  • 2 year warranty
  • ETL safety listed

The good people at Home Right have been generous enough to giveaway an AutoRight Steam Machine to one lucky Across the Avenue Follower! Enter the contest below for your chance to win. Must reside in the US to win:
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Check out the Home Right site for the AutoRight SteamMachine, along with many other household products and project ideas.

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Disclaimer: As always our reviews are our own, honest opinions and may differ from yours. We are appreciative of Home Right for allowing us to review their product.