EGWs6uuBZ3pp-zGuVVdmeLgkJG4 Across the Avenue: A Father-Son Day at Medieval Times #MedievalTimes #OrlandoAttractions

A Father-Son Day at Medieval Times #MedievalTimes #OrlandoAttractions

Let's be honest, Medieval Times is a place that the adults usually enjoy just as much as the kids. With that said, I was more than a little excited to visit for this month's Father-Son outing. Horses, battles, knights and food that you eat with your fingers...what's not to love for a three year old boy? The smile on his face from the time we arrived at the castle until the show was over put this in the win column for a day out with Dad and it couldn't have been easier.

We visited the Medieval Times Orlando location. It's interesting that each location across the country looks a little different. I'm partial to this one because of the drawbridge you get to walk across. We spent a few minutes looking over the sides at the 'moat' before entering to find thrones, armored statues and a gift shop with medieval garb...all of which three year olds love to get photos with and touch as much as possible. 

the gift shop

We had great seats and were able to see the horses and battles perfectly. It seemed like there wasn't such a thing as a bad seat the way that the arena is set up, since the actors all all over the place from the beginning of the show to the end. Between cheering for our knight, booing the others and pointing at all of the medieval weapons throughout the show, this was pretty much a little boy's dream. 

a little hand to hand combat

The food was a lot of fun for kids and I should mention that there are vegetarian options, too. Check out our meal for the evening, to be eaten with fingers only, no silverware! Yes, I was glad I had our wipes on hand. 

Bring on the napkins!

There are few times I can think of where a father-son day didn't require me chasing him around or coming up with back up activities for the afternoon. This show offered a captivating experience that allowed us to sit back and have a great time together. 

Each section gets to cheer for their knight!

All in all, this ranks as one of the better ideas we've had for a Father-Son bonding day and it would easily make a fun family outing or unique place to visit for Orlando tourists. We highly recommend making the trip. If you're interested in going soon, check out their website for the Back to School promotion and the weekday ticket savings! Purchase your tickets here.

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