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Travel: Animal Kingdom Lodge #DisneyWorldResorts #animalkingdomlodge #luxuryresorts

I love when Disney staff earns their high reputations as best in the world. We were in town for a single day of craziness: all four parks, one day, one night treat for ourselves. We dropped our bags with the concierge right after the Disney Magical Express dropped us off (total time, from walking off the jet way to arriving at AKL: 70 minutes. That is WITH two stops at other resorts en route on a Saturday morning) and then headed right to the parks.

Fast forward to 10:30 PM and we’re back at the front desk to check in. For whatever reason, maybe just to be nice, they upgraded us to a third floor corner suite! For fun! For no extra charge! From our balcony we had the perfect view of the animals wandering around in a 270 degree panoramic. Very handy in the morning as they patrolled the fence. Had we been in the room we originally booked, a Savannah view, we might not have seen them at all since we basically just slept there, had our morning coffee break, hit the buffet and headed to Disney Springs. The suite they upgraded us to was WAY more than two people need: living room, bedroom, master bath, ADDITIONAL bathroom, AND an adjoining room – a whole separate hotel room to give the kids and let mom and dad have some alone time.

Beyond the upgrade, we just like Animal Kingdom Lodge. It’s like staying inside the parks. In addition to the awesome views of animals from pretty much anywhere, AKL has a great pool area, some of the best food (Broma Buffet is possibly the BEST buffet at Disney, there, I said it), and easily the most impressive lobby area: bridges, wood carvings, massive amount of space and light. It is all around impressive.

The only caveat I can think of is location. Depending on the group and length of stay, Beach, Boardwalk, and Yacht Club still offer the best in terms of walkability to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Then again, we DID land at MCO, get on property, hit all four parks on a Saturday, enjoy a night at AKL, breakfast buffet, AND stroll around Disney Springs EASILY, before leaving again.

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  1. I hadn't thought of Disney for a quick getaway.We will definetly put this on our list for a weekend trip!

  2. This sounds convenient and fun. I have a little one who would love to visit and see the animals!

  3. We LOVE Disney and even like going to Animal Kingdom Lodge just to stop by and see the animals. :)

  4. I've never made it to Disney, but would love to take my family some day. This looks awesome.

  5. This is on our wishlist. We are thinking of going this summer for our family vacation