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Review: Mill Stream Farm #bakedgoods

Mill Stream Farm is a local producer from Maryland’s Eastern Shore that uses only all natural, handmade, wholesome baked goods. They produce some the best goodies you remember from going to Grandma’s house as a kid and just diving into sweet rolls, cakes, and desserts.  We took a guilty little giddiness in opening one of the rolls, Jeanne’s Tiramisu Roll to be precise, and devouring it.

It’s the perfect size for an after-dinner dessert, you can slice it as thin as you want (but then, who wants a thin slice of dessert?), and the end of the roll is left on, old school style, to use however you want.  Most people go with a crumble of some sort, but my husband is a coffee freak and decided to take the end piece, dribble a bit of milk over it, add some coffee (yep, for real) and call it “coffee mush.”  It actually looked pretty good, and it certainly tasted divine.

Jeanne’s Tiramisu Roll is a light sponge cake splashed with coffee and dusted with cocoa, all bundled and rolled with a coffee flavored cream cheese. In the tradition of Eastern Shore Marylanders, the whole confection is sprinkled with chocolate shavings to give it a little extra boost.  The ingredients are all natural, of course: wheat flour, sugar, eggs, butter, confectioner’s sugar, cream cheese, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, baking powder, and salt.

Additionally, Mill Stream Farm produces Jeanne’s Pumpkin Roll (perfect for autumn), Jeanne’s Lemon Roll, Jeanne’s Gingers, and Smart Mix, a healthy trail mix of almonds, cranberries, and blueberries.

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  1. I love the flavor so listed.This is perfect for serving something a bit unique and delicious.

  2. I was thinking about how unique and easy it will be for the holidays!

  3. These sound delish! I've been trying to find some special dessert ideas for the holidays, especially ones that I could keep in the freezer and then defrost before visitors come.