EGWs6uuBZ3pp-zGuVVdmeLgkJG4 Across the Avenue: Review: Cake Boss K-Cups for your Holiday Party! #HolidayMenu

Review: Cake Boss K-Cups for your Holiday Party! #HolidayMenu

K-cups always make the Christmas list in our family. Sometimes we use them as stocking stuffers, other times we give the large boxes and wrap them up as part of a gift. This year we've decided to incorporate them into our holiday parties as well! Instead of brewing one type of coffee for everyone, we thought it would be fun to incorporate our Keurig as a festive addition to our drink table. This will allow our guests a variety of flavors to choose from and it promotes more mingling during the party. We're going use four different kinds of Cake Boss K-cups. (If you're familiar with the Cake Boss series on TLC, these are of the very same brand!) 

Want to incorporate them into your own holiday party?

Cake Boss Coffee Keurig compatible single serve coffee cups are available in 9 delicious flavors inspired by Buddy and his famous pastries. 

You can purchase them in these sizes:
  • 12 Pack SRP $9 .99
  • 18 Pack SRP $12 .99
  • 24 Pack SRP $16 .99
  • 40 Pack SRP $29 .99
Check out the flavor choices: 
  • Buddy’s Blend- rich, smooth that balances full body with bright, citrusy highlights
  • Chocolate Cannoli-a delectable mingling of creamy custard, chocolate drizzle and hints of buttery pastry
  • Chocolate Fudge Cake-Fresh, creamy taste and dark cocoa flavors combine to create a deep, delicious chocolaty fudge flavored coffee
  • Dulce De Leche- rich, creamy caramel flavor kissed with a hint of buttery sweetness
  • Dulce De Leche Decaf-rich, creamy caramel flavor kissed with a hint of buttery sweetness
  • Hazelnut Biscotti- flavor of freshly toasted hazelnuts and the rich, vanilla taste of freshly baked biscotti
  • Italian Rum Cake-inspired by the buttery sweetness and smooth rum syrup of Buddy’s signature sponge cake
  • Raspberry Truffle-Taste the flavors of fresh raspberries smothered in milk chocolate ganache **This flavor is especially amazing!
  • Vanilla Buttercream-Flavors of buttercream frosting and delicate vanilla come to life in this smooth flavored coffee

Each one of these medium roast flavors lend themselves well to the holiday season and pair with most any holiday dessert. They have a coffeehouse quality to them that our guests will enjoy. As an added bonus, the aroma will make your home smell amazing, too! 

Which coffee flavors would you choose?

Disclaimer: As always, our posts are our own, honest opinions and may differ from yours.


  1. Chocolate fudge cake sounds delicious.I am going to try this for the holidays.

  2. I need to get some of these for my daughter. She will love the flavors

  3. These look like some amazing flavors. The raspberry truffle looks really good.