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Review: Lola Granola Bars #NonGMO #Gluten-Free

Lately I've notice that my afternoon snacking at the office has really increased. When I open up my snack drawer, it's not a matter of healthy versus unhealthy--as I consider myself a pretty healthy eater. It's more a matter of portion control. The wheat crackers and dried fruits just aren't cutting it for me unless I eat a lot of them. I recently tried the Lola Granola Bars and I have to say, one bar really satisfies and suppresses my appetite until dinnertime. I usually eat a bar around 2pm and I'm good to go until around 5pm. (For me, this is a big deal. I tend to snack all day long.) My husband and I have each brought a Lola bar to work every day this week as an experiment of sorts. At the end of the day, it's really helped us cut out the mindless snacking and gives the added benefit of being nutritious. All the bars are non-GMO and Gluten-free to boot.
I love that the bars are each named after someone:
Ellie-dates and cashews
Enzo-almonds and cashews
Lola-cranberries and almonds
Nathan-blueberries and almonds
Ruby-filled with cranberries

Now, I am a fan of all of these bars, so it would be difficult to choose a favorite. However, I will say, you really need to be a cinimon lover to enjoy these (which we are in this household).

We thought the story behind Lola Granola Bars was awesome and wanted to share a bit:

"Lola Granola Bars were created by Mary Molina when her family hit hard times. They were struggling to provide for their 4 young children, and were relying on public assistance and food banks.  Her husband Ernie was eating junk food to save money. So Mary made him nutritious granola bars to save money, making sure they were gluten and soy free due to her children's allergies, and he loved them! The kids loved the bars, and so did Ernie’s coworkers, who asked to buy some. Lola Granola Bars was born." For parents, this is such an easy snack to toss in their child's lunch and they can feel good knowing it'll provide a boat load of energy for them during the school day.

The company even shares Lola Granola Bars with anti-hunger children's back pack programs. I wish more companies would do this.

Check it out!
Lola Granola Bars have an MSRP of $1.99. Trying to track them down? Click here to find a Lola Granola Bar retailer near you.

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  1. The original LOLA sounds like something I'd like. Good suggestion since I'm a big snacker at work!

  2. Now, they sure look yummy! I like how they have various selections to choose from. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I would like to try the Ruby the most

  4. I would really like to try the Ellie bar, but the Enzo bar sounds good too!

  5. I love cranberries so I would love to try the Ruby!

  6. I would love to try the Cashew and Almond bar!

  7. I would love to try The Nathan. Yum blueberries!