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Super Pretzel: Soft Stix!

This year’s Super Bowl was more about the food than the game for many of us! Since we were guests at a friend’s party this year, we decided to arrive early to help with the preparations. Our contribution-Super Pretzel Soft Stix. Since the Super Pretzel Pretzel Dogs were such a hit last year, we knew that the Soft Stix would be, too. I’ve been a long time fan of the Cheddar Soft Stix, but now they come in Buffalo and Nacho cheese filling as well!

The Super Pretzel Soft Stix contain 12 Stix in each box and are incredibly easy to make. While you can microwave them in less than a minute, we decided to try a crispier approach in the oven. We spread all three varieties on a cookie sheet and popped them into the oven. While they baked I created a tray of dipping sauces—blue cheese, salsa, and mustard. We used three long plates, one for each kind, and served them along side the dips. As predicted, they didn’t last long and were a party favorite for both the kids and adults. Our only mistake is that we probably should have brought more! 

Check them out for yourself:

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