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Warm Tradition Hot Water Bottle

My husband and I are both prone to back injuries and for the second time in three months, my husband has thrown his back out. He’s been taking pain relievers and using an electric heating pad. While both of these things are helpful, I had some concerns with the electric heating pad. For starters, it made me nervous when he would use it and fall asleep on the couch or in bed, leaving it on for way too long. Another problem is the amount of time we spend in the car with no outlet to plug in the pad. Long drives are really uncomfortable with back pain. A coworker suggested getting a hot water bottle. She said we would be surprised at how much we use it. 

We took her advice and tried a hot water bottle from Warm Tradition. Right off the bat I loved their selection because they came up with an ingenious idea—they created covers for all of their hot water bottles! I knew ahead of time that it’s not a good idea to use a hot water bottle without wrapping it in a towel or something to protect your skin, but Warm Traditions already made a solution to that. The bottles are made in Germany and the covers are made in the USA. The bottle measures 12” x 7 ¾” and holds 2 liters. The covers are even machine washable. What started out as an ordinary hunt for a water bottle turned into twenty minutes of browsing through their website trying to narrow down which fun design I wanted to choose! In the end I went with the fleece orchid cover.

It arrived two days ago and it is really easy to use. I twisted the plug to open it and filled it 2/3 of the way full of hot water from our sink. Then I squeezed out the air bubbles and twisted the plug back in tightly. No leaking whatsoever. My husband put it behind his back while he read his book on the couch and an hour later is was still just as warm. I didn’t expect the water to stay warm for the whole evening, but it did.

The next test was the car. Before our commute into work in the morning, I filled the water bottle again, the same way as before. My husband placed it behind him while he drove to the office. It made a huge difference for him. He was able to get out of the car much more easily and he had less pain throughout the morning.

My coworker wasn’t kidding when she said we would be surprised at how much we use it. Here’s the list of recommendations for ways to use the hot water bottles:

·         stress
·         cramps
·         aches and pains
·         muscular tension
·         warmth on a cold night
·         soothe and calm children
·         long bus rides or drives

It’s been so cold and wet in our area lately, that I’ve even used it to warm up as we curl up on the couch! We’re really pleased with this product and would definitely recommend Warm Tradition hot water bottles to others.

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Disclaimer: As always, our reviews are our own, honest opinions and may differ from yours. We appreciate the opportunity to review this product. No monetary compensation was involved.


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