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Pretzel Sensations Gourmet Toffee Pretzels!

Chocolate, pretzels, and toffee! You really can't go wrong with this combination and Pretzel Sensations has gotten it so right. From the trendy packaging to the truffle-inspired pretzels dipped in rich Belgian chocolate and hand-rolled in toffee chips, everything about this product says decedent. Each bite is an interesting mix of sweet and salty which is very satisfying. They come in a 12 oz box and each piece is bite sized, so it goes a long way in sharing with others.

The creators of these Pretzel Sensations have a fascinating story. They were actually high school sweethearts that went their separate ways after graduation, only to wind up together 25 years later by a single twist of fate! Starting on a brand new path together with her culinary background and a shared passion for all things epicurean, they created these delicious bite size pretzels.

If you're looking for a high quality snack for your holiday party, these toffee pretzels can be paired with wine or after-dinner coffee to enhance their flavors. I also think they would make a great hostess gift or stocking stuffer for others. We will be adding these as a favorite find for our Holiday Gift Guide!

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