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Smiley Cookies!

I can't sufficiently explain how excited I am to get to review Smiley Cookies for my readers! Anyone who has ever lived in Pittsburgh, Pa for any length of time will definitely know what I'm talking about here! So many amazing childhood memories are connected to these delicious, round cookies that originated from a staple restaurant in Pittsburgh called Eat 'n Park.

As a child there was nothing better than going to Eat 'n Park for a meal and knowing that at the end of the meal I was going to walk to that bakery counter and choose my free Smiley Cookie in the color of my choice. (The slogan being: Eat N Park's the Place for Smiles!) Holiday time was extra special when the bakery case transformed into Smiley Shamrocks, Bunnies, or Jack-o-lanterns. As an adult, that novelty has never worn off and each time we visit Pittsburgh it's a must on our list.

Packaged in containers, shrink wrap, and a smiley box
all inside the shipping box

Check out the Mini Smileys!

Pittsburgh Pirates and Steelers-Black and Gold!

When I found out that Smiley Cookies have now gone nationwide, I was thrilled, but when I came home to a giant box of them on my doorstep, it made my entire week. I was questioning how fresh they would taste after shipment, but as soon as I took the shrink wrap off, the fresh smell came right at me. They taste exactly the same as I remember. Another fun fact about Pittsburgh, it's virtually impossible to be anything but a hardcore sports fan. Between the Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates, our black and gold shines. Wasn't I surprised to find that Smiley Cookie can customize your cookie order for sports events, wedding colors, company logos, etc! Check out my Black and Gold Steeler and Pirate Smileys! I love that they started making Smiley minis as well. You can buy any of these cookies online now and they offer fantastic cookie gifts for just about any occasion you can think of!

I was especially impressed by these:
Gourmet Cookies
Gift Ideas
Customize Your Own

I plan to order the baby shower design for my friend's upcoming shower. They'll be a big hit! We would love to know our readers' opinions, too! Please share a comment!

Check them out!

Disclaimer: As always, our reviews are our own, honest opinions. No monetary compensation has been given to review these cookies.


  1. Smiley Cookies are the BEST! Love Eat N Park because of the Smiley Cookies. I haven't had one in years, but just thinking about it makes me crave one.

  2. I am a cookie lover and I think these look so wonderful. I've not tried them but will check them out.

  3. We've tried Smiley Cookies before and love them! Arrive tasty and in good shape and in such a cute box!

  4. Oh my goodness...I remember Eat N Park it's been a while since I heard that name. Loved it! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Eat N Park was one of my favorite things about living in PA - I order smiley cookies when I'm feeling nostalgic :-)

  6. WHAT?? You can order these now?? I see a craving in my near future!!