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IntelliSkin New Zipper Empower Sports Bra

In the past I've never really bothered with sports bras because I found them uncomfortable and not much more supportive than my regular bras. The reason that the IntelliSkin Zipper Empower Sports Bra peaked my interest is that it is part of a PostureCue line, which is supposed to improve posture by engaging  posture muscles from the moment you put it on. Growing up I had always received compliments on my posture of all things. In the past few years I have begun to slouch and have on-going back pains due to many hours of sitting which my job requires. After reading about the IntellliSkin clothing line, I thought this bra may just do the trick!

Interesting facts about the Empower Sports Bra from the IntelliSkin website:
  • It supports your front from the back, engaging the muscles that support and align your spine and shoulders.
  • You can wear it daily-wearing it enhances and re-trains your posture
  • Full length front zipper makes it easy to get on and off 
  • Cool Jade fabric- made from recycled jade stone which cools the skin's surface temperature 3-4ยบ F.
  • Moisture wicking is achieved by weaving yarn with microscopic funnels, which flows moisture away from the skin, while simultaneously keeping the moisture from absorbing into the fabric
  • It has Anti-odor technology using all natural and eco-friendly selected compounds woven into the fabric to mitigate the causes of unwanted odors.
  • UPF 50+ created by a specific fabric weave and NOT by adding chemical treatments
  • Improves respiration and oxygen flow to the brain and muscleleads to impove endurance and rapid recovery
  •  Reduces stress from the shoulders to the back, thereby reducing strap pain
  • Fabrifoam shoulder panels provide a comfortable, soothing touch to reduce movement
  • Made with the highest quality, double lined, true four-way stretch designed to functionally support by minimizing the need to over compress!
  • Stylish and breathable mesh paneling helps tone and strengthen back muscles to support posture
  • Anti-microbial and moisture wicking properties to minimize odor and keep you dry

 I've been wearing this Empower Sports Bra for about a week (at work and to the gym) and the benefits that I've noticed are that it keeps my posture in line to stand taller, it helps me to keep my shoulders back, and seems to relieve stress from my shoulders and upper back, especially the upper back/shoulder blade region I am continually battling. I use it on the treadmill at the gym and find it incredibly breathable and comfortable. Added to that, it doesn't hold onto any odor after the gym, which is pretty impressive. It comes with inserts that you can take in and out. I have machine washed it in cold water and hung it to dry quite a few times now. The material has held up very well. 

Three things I would note:
  1. Use their sizing chart to be sure you're choosing the correct fit.
  2. This particular design does not come in white as of yet. I'm hoping they decide to make the option available soon.
  3. Although I really like this sports bra for the gym, it doesn't always work with my shirts for the office because of the zipper. I would recommend going with the regular Empower Sports Bra for work, so that you can wear it under any shirts without seeing zipper lines.

  Check it out:
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  1. I never seen one quite like this. Looks interesting, thanks for the review

  2. This looks like a really comfy sports bra but have never seen one with a zipper..Thanks for sharing.

  3. My Fiancee and I have been going on walks and will probably graduate up to running soon. I'll point this out to her. Thanks!

  4. This does look interesting! Worth checking out further! Thanks!

  5. A zipper? Genius! I hate pulling them over my head.

  6. I need to check this out as I was thinking how nice it would be to have my mother come live with me so she could remind me to stand up straight. LOL. I'll check it out.

    1. Haha, this one made me laugh out loud. Yeah, the sports bra might be a better alternative. :)

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