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Molecule Safari Sidewinder Cargo Skirt

Safari Sidewinder Cargo SkirtI have been on the hunt for a versatile summer skirt this season and I have finally hit the jackpot! The Molecule Safari Sidewinder Cargo Skirt is fabulous. The idea behind their clothing line is to create clothes that are built for living without sacrificing style. I'm usually hesitant to order skirts and shorts online because I almost always need to try things on to know whether they are going to fit properly, especially length-wise. However, I gave it a try. I'd like to give a big thank you to Molecule.Asia for creating a skirt that is stylish AND long enough to be comfortable throughout any kind of day!

This skirt has a lot going for it, so allow me to give the highlights. The fabric is strong quality made with double stitched seams, which allows a little stretch to it (my hips say thanks for that) and is easily machine washable/tumble dry friendly.The sides of the skirt have flexi-zippers that can be adjusted for style or function, along with zipper pockets to keep things safe. The button pockets on the back of the skirt are flattering and create the right amount of shape without over-doing it. I especially love that I can dress it up with a cute top, sleek belt, and sandals, or create a more functional look for an active day with a tank top and flip flops. 

I wasn't quite confident on the waist size, but I ended up ordering the small because I was afraid the medium would be too big. (There's a 4 inch waist jump from S to M.) The skirt sits near my natural waist just as they said it would if you order your normal size, as a snug fit. It's definitely snug, but not in an uncomfortable way. They do recommend that you order one waist size up from your your usual so that the skirt sits down nearer to the hips for the most flattering look. No matter which way you choose, you really can't go wrong. The Sidewinder Cargo Skirt is available in S-XL, with six different colors to choose from. The only suggestion I would give to improve this skirt is to add a size in between the 25 inch (S) and 29 inch(M), and make the 25 inch the XS. I love this skirt so much that I've already begun looking at their shorts line!

Check out Molecule.Asia to peruse their entire clothing line. They have both Mens and Womens fashions as well as Accessories. You can find them on Facebook as well! .

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