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Palm Leaf Plates

If you're looking for a fun way to host a party or picnic and you want something Earth-Friendly, check out these Palm Leaf Plates! These plates are biodegradable and compostable and are a sustainable non-timber resource! That means no trees are cut, instead the leaves are harvested from the forest floor. They're really light-weight like paper plates, but they are extremely durable and won't get soggy unless totally soaked. 

Wondering how they're made?
First, they take naturally discarded Adaka palm leaves that are gathered from the forest floor and washed. Then they hand-stretch them, flatten them, and heat-press them into shapes. Multiple shapes and sizes are cut from each leaf to reduce waste. The final step-the plates are dried in the sun!

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  1. This is a cool alternative! I love hearing about eco-friendly products that I didn't know about. Nice post!

  2. Never heard of these, but seems like a good idea to me.

  3. Interesting post,I never heard of this product,I like that they are durable.Thanks for the post.