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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Celebrate Father's Day with Mouth-Watering Barbeque Baby Back Ribs from MacKenzie Limited! #meatlovers

With Father's Day on the horizon, it's time to plan an extra special meal for Dad to show him how much he is appreciated! This year, why not make the occasion truly special by treating Dad to a mouthwatering feast of MacKenzie Limited Barbeque Baby Back Ribs? Those of you who follow us often know how much we love this company. They never let us down! We gave these ribs a practice run over the weekend and feel confident that our Father's Day will be an exceptional meal to remember.

Delicousness meets ease with these perfectly seasoned and smoky baby back ribs. Give Dad a break from being the grill master because this meal couldn't be easier. Simply take the marinated ribs out of the package and toss them on the grill or pop them in the oven for decadent meal ready in about 25 minutes. You can even microwave these ribs in minutes, if you choose. It really doesn't get any easier! If you want to take the wow factor even further, consider creating a surf and turf meal like we did. Mackenzie Limited has fantastic seafood options as well. 

Let's Talk Taste
One of the hallmarks of exceptional barbeque ribs is their tenderness. We challenge you to find slow-roasted, fall-off-the-bone tangy barbecue ribs with as much rich, meaty flavor as these. It's no wonder they are a go-to choice of pit masters. They definitely create a mouthwatering meal that will have everyone cleaning their plates. Each Baby Back Pork Ribs delivery comes with a 32-ounce package of tender pork ribs that are ready to thaw and heat up on the grill. A 32-ounce package feeds two to three people, so it's easy to figure out ordering needs.

About Mackenzie Limited
'Mackenzie is proud to be part of the Chesapeake Fine Food Group, a private female-owned company focusing on premium quality, direct-to-consumer prepared gourmet foods. Our family of brands includes Mackenzie Limited, Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes & More and Impromptu Gourmet.'

Where to Purchase
Head over to MacKenzie Limited and order your Father's Day ribs in time for the big day. Dad's taste buds will thank you!

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Disclosure: The product in this post was provided by MacKenzie Limited. As always, our opinions are our own.