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Sunday, December 5, 2021

2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Create a Love of Reading with Picture Books! #AbramsBooks

Reading picture books to children is one of the best ways to foster language development. It’s one of our favorite gift recommendations for kids and the perfect way to help them develop their love for reading. We’ve selected three books from Abrams Books that we really love and know that parents will love them, too!


Big Bear, Little Bear - This adorable board book teaches kids comparison skills by showing size examples of of Big Bear and Little Bear's belongings using everyday objects. We love the repetitive nature of the book as it shows examples of 'big' and 'little' using familiar items that we want to see in children's vocabulary at a young age. The bear characters are super engaging for children and will make a fun read together again and again.

Flip, Flap, Snap Farm - If you're looking for a book to have a lot of laughs and fun with, this is it! The mix-and-match pages of this pop-up book allow kids to make silly farm animal combinations by flipping flaps back and forth. We like to practice 'yes/no' questions by making matches and asking if the animal we've created is real or make-believe. It brings on a lot of laughs as we mix a goat and a rooster to make a 'gooster', a pig and a dog to make a 'pog' and more! When we match a real animal, we flip open the other flaps to learn fun facts about them. The pop-up nature of the book adds movement to the animals as the book opens and closes and the colorful pages draw kids in.

Comparrotives - If you're familiar with the books Hippopposites, Rhymoceros, and Llamaphones, you're going to love this book, too! It's an oversized board book that's great for little laps as they learn about comparative adjectives via an entertaining parrot character. It even has touch-and-feel elements to create stronger learning connections such as 'soft' and 'softer'. This is a fantastic gift for kids and a top pick to give as a classroom library gift! 

Consider wrapping these colorful picture books up as a gift for little ones or give as a classroom gift for a special teacher. 

Where to Purchase

Head over to Abrams Books to browse their collection of children’s books and order directly to your door just in time to place them under the tree!

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Disclosure: The books in this post were provided by Abrams Books. As always, our posts are our own opinions.