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Thursday, November 18, 2021

2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Celebrate Reading this Season with Scholastic Books!

Every year, we look for the latest and greatest children's books to fill the stockings and place under the tree. never lets us down, with books for every age range and interest. This year, we've chosen five fantastic books that we know will be a hit with young readers. Check them out below!

Bumble and Bee Let's Bee Thankful - This Fall tale about Bumble and Bee is the perfect way to get into the festive spirit. These two are excited to paint pumpkins and make a special apple pie; but when the weather turns frosty, the story takes a turn! Ages 4-8, Grades Pre-K-3

If You Lived During the Plimoth Thanksgiving- This is a wonderful teaching book for kids to learn about the English colonists and Wampanoag people during the first feast at Plimoth. It aims to teach children both sides of this historical event in a kid-friendly format. The question/answer structure makes it easy to read and the artwork is very engaging. It makes a fantastic book choice for kids and a wonderful teacher gift to add to the classroom library. Ages 7-10, Grades 2-5

Pig the Elf - We love this book so much! The world's greediest pug–named Pig– goes on a fantastical adventure as he finds himself part of a Christmas sleigh ride that turns into pure 'Pig pandemonium'! This is going to be a timeless favorite for sure. Ages 3-5, Grades Pre-K and K

The Christmas Pig- A boy named Jack has a child's love for his favorite toy pig, DP, who has been with him through the ups and downs of his childhood.  On Christmas Eve, DP goes missing and the magic of Christmas takes Jack on a wild adventure as he sets out to find the best friend he's ever had. With the flare that J.K. Rowling brings to all of her stories, this journey will draw in children and adults alike. We recommend reading it together for family fun and bonding time! Ages 8-12, Grades 3-7

The Little Butterfly that Could
- If you love The Very Impatient Caterpillar, you'll love this book, too! It's a sweet and fun parody on butterfly migration wrapped in a message about the struggles children sometimes go through to feel confident, brave and independent. This story is full of both funny touching moments, with truly teachable information about the butterfly migration as well. Ages 4-8, Grades Pre-K through 3

You are Enough
- This story absolutely warms our hearts! It's a book that should be in every classroom library. It takes the reader through a variety of difference and explains that, while it can be hard to be different, we need to embrace our differences and feel proud of who we are. It's a strong message of acceptance and confidence and how wonderful being unique really is. The book was inspired by and includes a brief bio of Sofia Sanchez, with information about Down syndrome and how we can all be more accepting, inclusive, and kind. Ages 4-7, Grades Pre-K through 2

Chicken Little and the Big Bag Wolf -
A twist on the traditional tales, Chicken Little, who boasts bravery, shows his true colors when the wolf shows up in this fairytale mash up. A lovely lesson is learned by the end of this entertaining story.

Pearl and Squirrel 
Give Thanks - These adorable characters are best friends who use Thanksgiving time to share what they are each thankful for. From being thankful for jump rope to a quality napping area, this book offers a great message and shows the value of friendship most of all.

Binny's Diwali -
This gorgeously illustrated book is a fantastic way to teach kids about the Hindu festival of lights. The main character, Binny, explains about Diwali to her classmates in a way that makes you wish you were there. It's the perfect picture book to bring this holiday tradition to life.

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