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Reduce Blue Light Exposure with JINS Glasses


We've all heard the complaints: my eyes hurt, I'm getting more headaches working at home, I'm sick of staring at this screen all day. And the most likely cause? Blue light. The highest energy of all visible light, penetrating deep into the back of the eye. It's only a problem when generated from unnatural sources over a prolonged period of time (eReaders, laptops, smartphones, etc.). JINS has come up with three solutions based on your individual need: their Daily Use model blocks 25% of blue light for typical users, while Heavy Use blocks 40% for those doing extended screen time, and Night Use blocks 60% via amber tints to help you get to sleep faster. For a limited time, JINS is offering FREE blue light lenses added to your purchase of any frames of your choice from their extensive stock!

We chose the Men's Glasses model MTF-17A-029 model in Gray (pictured above) after spending way too much time playing on the the JINS website with its super cool feature where you can upload a self portrait to virtually "try on" various frames and see how they look on your face. (This is slightly addictive and fun to do, so be warned!) They offer over 600 styles to choose from. Use the filter option to narrow down your choices to personal preference and taste based on: frame color and shape, nose bridge, size, material, and face shape. Are cat's eye glasses your thing? JINS has you covered. More of an Aviator person, or Wellington? Not a problem. You can sort by price range and strong prescription too, if need be. And if pokémon is your thing? They have that covered too!

Some people spend the majority of their work day staring at a computer screen, only to come home and watch TV for a few hours, then scroll their phones until bed. Even if it's only a couple days of that happening, it's still a lot of blue light bombardment. A little filtering goes a long way!

Blue light glasses are also available for the kids, in both prescription and non-prescription, and specifically for gamers.

Other testimonials and FAQs are readily available at the JINS website.

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All of the JINS catalogue of blue light, sunglasses, eyeglasses, and even their Pokémon Model are available at their online website.

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