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Thursday, October 15, 2020

2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Give the Gift of Reading! #giftsforkids

Children's books are at the top of our gift list every holiday season. It's a tradition we hope to pass on through generations as a way to promote family bonding and foster a love for reading. This season, we are excited to share about some of our favorite picture book suggestions for little ones. Check them out below!

Opposites Board Book by Larissa Honesk
Teaching opposites is a critical part of developing your child's language skills. They fall under the umbrella of 'basic concepts'. Basic concepts are groups of words that a child needs to understand, so that they can perform everyday tasks like following directions, completing routines, and engaging in conversation. 

This Opposites board book uses adorable clay figures by the globally famous artist, Larissa Honesk, to demonstrate what each word looks like and how it is different from its opposite. The colorful pictures and inviting faces draw kids in and keep them engaged from beginning to end. This book is definitely one of our favorites for introducing opposites to little ones.

I'll Love You for Always by Peter Hinckley

We can't say enough about how sweet and interactive this book is! Written by Peter Hinckley, this book offers 6 built-in notes that you can write straight into the book. It's such a unique idea and we love that you can include messages of love and reassurance to fit whatever is going on in your child's life. Whether you read it together or let your child read it on their own, they will know that they are loved and can be reassured by the words you include in the story. This book is sure to be treasured long past childhood. It's the perfect keepsake!

The Wimmelbooks are published by The Experiment Publishing Company and are one of our favorite suggestions for Pre-K and school age kids. Each page in the My Busy Day wordless book provides a panorama with bustling illustrations to support language practice and allow kids endless opportunities to be storytellers. We love that the book can be used across the age span and that it's board book construction will endure for years to come.

For toddlers, this book can be used as an engaging language development tool to spot common objects, identify and name actions, and discuss familiar situations. As kids get older, the pictures are an inviting way to promote sentence expansion engage in conversational turn-taking skills, and begin answering 'wh' questions. By ages 4-5 years old, your child will have a blast crafting stories about the characters they see, practicing sequencing skills, and making predictions about characters may do next as they follow them from scene to scene, page to page. This is a fantastic gift idea for any young kids on your holiday list this year.

 TummyTime®: Happy Baby Board Book by Duopress Lab

This book helps baby make the most of tummy time! Its two-in-one fold-out design shows colorful animals and high-contrast black and white designs. Choose a side and open up this accordion book in a crib or on the floor to entertain baby and develop eye sight while engaging in tummy time to build strength and coordination needed to roll over, crawl, reach, and play. One of Parents magazine's "Best Children's Books" of 2019! 

Reading literacy is one of the best gifts you can give to a child
. This holiday season, we hope that one of these books helps to boost the imagination, language skills, and love of reading of the little ones in your life!

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided by each book's publishing company. As always, our posts are our own, honest opinions.