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Home Makeover: How to Paint Perfect Stripes on Your Wall #Wooster #paintsupplies

This weekend, we decided to tackle one of our biggest home make-over projects of the season by adding a modern style to our guest bedroom walls. We've been wanting to try something a little more funky and fun, but my husband and I are amateurs when it comes to painting. We did our research as far as the process goes, and I think it turned out pretty great, if I do say so myself! One of the things that helped us the most was using the right painting supplies, so I've put together a quick 'How-to' below and included the Wooster painting supplies that made this project a million times easier. Check it out below!

How to Paint Perfect Stripes on Your Wall

1. Gather your supplies.
We used Wooster supplies because they came highly recommended from friends and we were so glad we did. It made things incredibly easy!

Here's what we used:

(Note: Having two of each paintbrush will allow you and your partner to paint at the same time!)

2. Sketch a plan of your design.
We recommend sketching out a quick design and labeling the stripe colors on it, to be sure you account for which colors you want to start and end with. We decided to paint the entire wall beige first, let it dry and then add our green stripes. Having a sketch of it helped tremendously in planning how wide we needed to make the stripes. 

3. Mark the plan and measure the walls to match.

If you want your stripes to be even, you'll need to do a little math:
  1. Measure the full height of your wall, from the top of the floorboard to as high as you plan to paint. 
  2. Figure out how thick you want your stripes to be. Then divide the height of your wall by the thickness of your stripes. You will use this to mark the wall with your pencil.
  3. Mark the outline of the stripes at several points across.
  4. Use a meter stick and pencil to lightly draw the edges of the stripes across the wall.
  5. Use painter's tape over your pencil lines.
**Be sure to place the painter's tape either above or below the pencil line of each stripe to ensure they are all an equal height.

4. Use a drop cloth for spills.

Use newspapers, some plastic roll, or even an old blanket under your work area to protect the floor.

5. Time to Paint!

First, we used the Wooster Gold Edge SemiOval 2" Angle Brush to paint all of the edging of the wall. 

If you need to paint more than one color, Wooster provides a great method to switch colors by using Wooster Pelican Hand-Held Pail & Liners. These 1-quart inserts are super easy to swap out, avoiding any color bleed. Plus, by using them you're extending the life of your paint pail.

Door and window frames, crown molding, and baseboards probably already have their color palette. Take your time to carefully edge your fresh paint up to, but not onto anything aside from the wall.

The best way to do that is with the proper tool! For my ceiling stripe, the Wooster Gold Edge SemiOval 2" Angle Brush was the way to go.

7. Clean your brushes thoroughly.

Before the paint dries, use the Wooster Painter's Comb to clean your brushes.  The stainless steel comb has 10 pins to speed the wash and rinse steps. Use it every time you need to remove heavy paint buildup and to reshape your brushes for storage.

Check out this video from to learn a little more about Wooster products... 

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