EGWs6uuBZ3pp-zGuVVdmeLgkJG4 Across the Avenue: Review: New Cinnamon Frosted Flakes #TonytheTiger #LetYourGreatOut #breakfast #Kelloggs

Review: New Cinnamon Frosted Flakes #TonytheTiger #LetYourGreatOut #breakfast #Kelloggs

Coffee Cake? Cinnamon Toast? Cinnamon Roll? Our deep discussion around the breakfast table this morning focused on one crucial question: What does the New Cinnamon Frosted Flakes Cereal remind us of? When you hear the name, I imagine you think Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Nope! This is a very different taste. Cinnamon Frosted Flakes is more spice than sweet, with dark, cinnamon-speckled flakes.

It's hard to explain, but when you begin eating, the cinnamon flavor is more of an aroma. Eventually, the flavor intensifies on your tongue as you eat it. Vanilla and caramelized sugar flavors balance it out, along with a hint of maple. As cinnamon lovers, we think they're GR-R-REAT! I lean toward calling this an adult cereal, as the youngest kiddo felt that it was 'too burny', while the older went for bowl number two. My husband loves the light cinnamon-flavored milk it makes and thinks it should be a whole new product on its own!

Let's Talk Nutrition...
One serving size of Cinnamon Frosted Flakes has 110 calories, 150mg of sodium, 26g of carbohydrates, 10g of sugar and 1g of protein. For additional nutritional facts, read more here.

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