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Friday, October 21, 2016

Make All of the Candidates Appealing at Your Election Night Party! #CookieCakeElection #gourmetgiftbaskets

This year's election has felt more like entertainment than politics. These have been some of the most watched debates in years, with many people treating them like a full on movie night, popcorn and all. With November 8th right around the corner and everyone's eyes on the polls, Election Night parties will be in full swing! has anticipated this and has your desert needs covered. That's right, Presidential Cookie surefire way to make any candidate enjoyable.

No matter your party affiliation, we can all agree on one thing: Cookies are delicious! is sweetening up the election this year by offering 10” sugar cookie cakes, decorated to look like the 2016 presidential candidates. We've tried the cookies and they're pretty tasty, if we do say so ourselves. They've got Clinton, Trump and Johnson on the ready to take your election night party up a notch. No doubt it will get a few laughs and become a conversation starter with your guests. 

Each cookie cake is $34.99, but order all three and you get a discounted price of $79.99. Check out to order for yourself or send as a gift!

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  1. This is awesome.Guests will like this unique treat.This will be a good conversation starter!

    1. We thought so, too. Definitely something to put the food table over the top. :)

  2. SO COOL! As a political junkie, I just love these :)

    1. Agreed! They're hilarious for election night!

  3. These are funny. I can see my friends having a lot to say and do about them.