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Monday, October 31, 2016

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Spin and Sparkle Pet Maker #kidsgifts #holidaygiftguide

Each year we try to find a children's gift tied to art and creativity. When we came across the RoseArt Spin & Sparkle Pet Maker, we immediately liked it for both it's theme and it's creative nature. Animals are such a popular theme with kids from elementary school all the way through middle school and allowing them the ability to cast and design their own pets makes this a really appealing gift. We picture this gift as a great family bonding activity and hours of fun for that encourages imaginative play. Every kid can feel like an artist with this set! We recommend throwing down a mat or cloth on the table and wearing smocks while the creativity flies.

About RoseArt's Spin & Sparkle Pet Maker
To begin, kids will mix the Magic Cast Powder with water and pour it into any of the three molds included in the kit. Then they'll use the hand-powered Pet Maker handle for one minute, so that the pet takes shape. It only takes 20 minutes for the pets to be ready to decorate! Once they're ready, kids can decorate their pet any way they please, with paints, glitter glaze, jewels and expressive eyes! Once the pets are ready, they each have their own pop-up world and story card for play time. There's also Exotic Pet Pals Character Refill Packs that can be used with this Spin and Sparkle Pet Maker in order to cast pandas, zebras, koalas and penguins.

What It Includes:
  • 6 Magic Cast powder pouches
  • Three Pet Maker molds
  • Hand-powered Pet Maker handle
  • Measuring cup with spout
  • Crafter tool
  • Paints, sparkle glaze and paintbrush
  • Expressive eyes and decorative gems
  • Pet pop-up worlds
  • Story cards for each pet

Check It Out!
We found the Spin and Sparkle Pet Maker at Kohls and Amazon. You can also visit RoseArt on FB, Twitter and Instagram. Feel free to use our link below to check it out for yourself!

Disclaimer: As always, our reviews are our own honest opinions and may differ from yours. 

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