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Saturday, November 12, 2016

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: National Geographic Kids National Parks Books #educationalgifts

We always make a point to include books in the holiday gifts we give for the kids in our family. Last year we absolutely LOVED the National Geographic Kids Angry Birds book set and can't believe how much our family and friends still rave about them. There's nothing like watching a little one read a book cover to cover with his eyes glued to each page. This year we were excited to see that National Geographic is offering several fantastic kids books to celebrate our country's National Park Centennial. The way they craft the content to pull kids in to reading is really phenomenal. I can attest to the fact that these same topics that have been tossed aside with kids in my classroom are suddenly intriguing to them, solely because of the way National Geographic Kids approaches the layout and writing style. 

What We Love Them

  • Colorful, stylish, angular layout
  • Kid-friendly Writing and manageable length for children
  • Easy gift-giving idea for boys and girls
  • Non-fiction content with color photos, facts, lists, maps, animals, activities and conservation tips
  • Realistic fiction content which takes kids through a tour of Yellowstone National Park
  • Jam-packed book of games, trivia, jokes, fun facts, and more

The Book List
  • National Parks Guide USA-Learn about the National Parks
  • Junior Ranger Activity Book
  • Buddy Bison's Yellowstone Adventure
  • My National Parks Adventure Funny Fill-In

We love finding gifts that are educational and fun. This book sets fits the bill and we can't wait to read it as a family! Feel free to use our links below to purchase them on Amazon or click here to explore everything National Geographic Kids has to offer.

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