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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Review: 12 inch Fagor Cast Iron Lite

For dinner this week, we decided to try using the Fagor Cast Iron Lite Chef's Pan. When I think cast iron, I think of my grandmother's old black pan that was so heavy I had to use two hands, and even that was struggle. Granted I was young, but you get the idea. When I picked up the Fagor chef's pan, I was impressed with how light it was. It makes it so much easier to move around after the cooking is done and the dish needs to be served. They've also made improvements to those old black pans by offering the Cast Iron Lite in red, blue, and lime. The idea of the design is for it to go from a stove top, to an oven, to the table. You can even use it on the grill. That's the kind of thinking I love!

I've made a few different things with the Cast Iron Lite Chef's Pan. One of the first meals I created was chicken stir fry. It's hard to mess up (even for me) so that was a no-brainer. I would recommend putting in enough oil or butter before cooking in this pan. I made that mistake and I could tell my stir fry was beginning to stick. (Adding a little water took care of that problem and it still turned out well.) 

 Meat dishes are more of my husband's forte, so he used the Cast Iron Lite to cook last night's meal. The pan worked really well to cook the chicken evenly and the lid did a it's job in sealing in the flavors well while it simmered. It's the type of pan that's great for every day use.

It was a pleasant surprise to find an entire ring of recipes when I opened the box to take out the pan.We are hoping to be adventurous this weekend and give the shrimp dish a shot. If you have any recipes you think would be perfect to try in this skillet, we'd love to know about them!

Check it out:
Disclaimer: We are appreciative of the opportunity to review Fabor Cast Iron Lite Chef's Pan. As always, our reviews are our own, honest opinions. No monetary compensation was given to review this product.


  1. Very nice! I would love one of these. Mine are so heavy.

  2. Those look nice and I love how they came with recipes. :)

  3. These look great and to get recipes with them a double bonus. Let me know how your shrimp dish turns out.

  4. The colors are a nice touch. It stands out from the other pans that I usually see in the store.

  5. I think I'd like these. Thanks for sharing about them.

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  7. I love this! I don't miss those cast iron pans that my grandmother used to have either! they sure were heavy.